10 Best Onboarding Softwares 2022

While properly onboarding new employees takes time and resources, it is well worth the effort. Why?

This list includes HR software that specializes in onboarding softwares, solutions and processes. It will save you time and help you create an efficient onboarding experience.

Continue reading to find out about the top onboarding software options. This includes the best use cases, standout features, and snapshots of the platform working in action.

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The Best HR Software to Onboard

This article will cover the top employee onboarding software options.


Ideal for collaborative onboarding workflows


Ideal for medium-sized businesses


Preboarding best practices


Best for device and software management


Best Learning Management System (LMS) Tools


Ideal for bulk onboarding


Canadian companies are best


The best self-service knowledge base


Ideal for gamifying onboarding and training


Startups: Best HR Onboarding

You don’t necessarily need onboarding. You can check out our recommendations to find the best general, jack of all-trades HR Software solutions.

Comparison Criteria

What criteria do I use to select the best employee-onboarding software? Here is a summary of what I consider my evaluation criteria.

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  1. UI Onboarding software must have a customized user interface for every type of user, whether they are administrative or employees. Access to the onboarding tools and employee data fields will be required by HR personnel. Employees require a UI that prioritizes program map, software tutorials, help desk access, and software tutorials.
  2. Usability I am looking for HR onboarding software that works with users, not against them. These tools should make onboarding easy, enjoyable, logical, and well-paced.
  3. Integrations It’s safe to assume that you use common tools such as Slack and Microsoft products. These software solutions can be integrated with other tools easily.
  4. Value for $ – I am looking for a HR onboarding experience that is transparent and scalable. It can be used as a standalone product, or as part of an integrated HR stack. We welcome free trials and freemium plans.

HR for Onboarding: Key Features

  1. Company Wiki: Organized information and FAQs are invaluable for any new employee who needs basic how-tos and ORG charts as well as company culture notes.
  2. Automate workflows Rather than repeating the same task, I prefer software that allows me to create triggers and criteria to automate my HR processes.
  3. Communication With Liaison(s). Onboarding tools should help new employees connect to names, faces, or contact information for people who can assist them.
  4. Training modules Onboarding involves a lot of process orientations and training. Software can help to organize, facilitate and track learning initiatives.
  5. Contracts and e-signatures : Official papers can be either paperless through the onboarding process or scanned into it for document management.
  6. Self-service benefit: Signing up for benefits such as parking passes and health care may be part of the onboarding process. This can all be done remotely.
  7. Employee feedback – It is crucial to gather feedback and questions throughout the onboarding process to ensure employees feel satisfied with the structure, pace and organization.

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Platform Overviews for HR Onboarding Softwares

This section will present each of the top HR software to help you onboard and will explain why each one is so you can make an informed decision.

The best for collaborative onboarding workflows


Monday.com allows hiring managers to schedule the entire process, from candidate discovery through onboarding and training, and keeps status updates for each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Monday.com was created to be a marketing tool that can scale an organization. However, they have also included a variety of HR features. Although it is not an HR tool, it does provide a lot of the basic functions.

Monday.com is great at creating onboarding workflows. It allows for multiple parties to be kept informed of the progress of hiring and interviewing, as well as allowing for comments and task assignment. You can also download a template for new employee onboarding.

Monday.com integrates with Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar. Jira, GitHub and Trello are all examples of project management apps.

Monday.com is available for $8 per user/month, and comes with a free trial. You can get a freemium plan that allows you to add up to two users.

  • Free demo
  • Starting at $4.92/user/month

Sapling – Best suited for mid-sized businesses

Sapling can help you create automated playbooks that facilitate the transition from candidate into productive team member.

Sapling, a People Operations platform that is suitable for mid-sized businesses with a distributed workforce, connects people, tools and data in a highly customizable platform. Sapling has all the features you need to manage and store people data, create employee profiles and share org charts with fast-growing companies. Sapling makes it easy to create automated workflows that allow team members to assign tasks based upon their location, department, or employment status.

Sapling integrates seamlessly with your existing systems via native integrations with top software systems such as applicant tracking systems, payroll systems, time tracking software and other workforce apps. Sapling has both webhooks and an API available for all integration requirements. Sapling gives you complete visibility to help improve your employee onboarding experience.

Sapling’s Onboarding Module starts at $4.92/user/month. The core HRIS experience starts from $6.99/user/month, based on 100 users.

  • Free demo
  • Pricing upon request

eloomi – Best preboarding processes

eloomi allows you to quickly assign preboarding or onboarding content to new hires.

The award-winning learning and performance tool eloomi has been used by companies such as Icelandair, Sophos and Dominos. You can create custom onboarding courses. There are also pre-built employee training programs you can access, modify, and assign.

eloomi provides preboarding and onboarding services that are culturally relevant. They help you manage expectations and ensure smart compliance. To streamline employee onboarding, you can automate and create learning paths based upon the job role.

In-house onboarding can also be used to provide relevant product or skills training, which will improve performance and create individual development plans. Managers and HR professionals have the ability to see real-time progress of their team members and provide support accordingly.

eloomi provides a free demo and custom pricing.

  • Starting at $8/user/month

Rippling – Best device & software management

Rippling is an employee management system that includes modules for onboarding, offboarding and payroll. It also offers benefits, time, attendance, time, and payroll.

Rippling, an employee management platform, has onboarding tools that allow for administrative data entry, payroll enrollment, benefits enrollment, learning management modules, and payroll processing. This makes it easier to welcome new members. Rippling provides e-documentation that employees can sign electronically, so they don’t have to rely on paper signatures.

Rippling offers a complete feature suite to manage employee device setup, configuration, security, monitoring, and reporting. Rippling’s IT onboarding tools make sure that all software and workplace apps are installed before an employee gets to their desk. To ensure that no password is forgotten, you can control the team password management with single sign-on or multi-factor authentication.

Rippling can be integrated with more than 400 apps, such as Slack, Zoom and Asana.

Rippling is available for as low as $8/user per month and includes a 30-minute free trial.

  • 7-day free trial
  • For up to 50 users, it’s as low as $299/month

Looop – The best learning management system (LMS), tools

Looop takes the best marketing automation practices and applies them to a LMS setting.

Looop has won many UI and CX awards and can make HR software difficult to use, especially for enterprise-level applications. Looop offers both iOS and Android mobile applications, further supporting its customer-first approach in content delivery.

Looop offers no-code online onboarding course creation for online learning management system as well as training automation. This allows new employees to see the correct material in the right order and at the right time. Looop is self-service-oriented, and the platform is extremely intuitive. This allows new members to join your team and can start working right away.

Looop is available for as low as $299 per month for up to 50 users. It also comes with a free 7-day trial.

  • Pricing upon request

ClearCompany – Best bulk onboarding

ClearCompany offers preboarding and onboarding materials using checklists as well as video content.

ClearCompany will introduce new hires to their hiring manager, team members and human resources before they start. ClearCompany offers a bulk onboarding tool, which allows you to label, date and launch multiple onboarding programs at once. The platform can be used to schedule personalized 30-, 60, or 90-day check ins to ensure that everyone is not lost in the crowd.

ClearCompany scales well, no matter how small your business is or how many employees you have. You can mix and match platform modules to ensure that you only pay what you use. You can use their applicant tracking system, paperless-onboarding module or performance management module for what you need. Then, scale up your package as necessary.

ClearCompany can integrate with many payroll providers and HRIS systems like BambooHR and ADP.

ClearCompany can provide customized pricing on request. To get started, you can request a demo.

  • Pricing upon request

Humi – Best For Canadian Companies

Humi offers a strong people directory that allows you to build onboarding processes. This includes training task lists, welcome messages, and more.

Humi has been dubbed Canada’s best all-in-one software for HR. Humi automates many of the tedious onboarding tasks and allows for electronic signatures. Humi provides a central hub for employee data that will ensure that no information is lost during the onboarding process.

Humi, which focuses on Canada, is the best option for all paperwork related to Canadian Benefits, T4s and other government benefits. Humi has a simple and user-friendly interface. It also offers an app that can be used on a mobile device.

Humi, like many other HR software on this list, integrates with most of the popular apps such as Slack and Microsoft products.

Humi can arrange a free demo. You can also get a free trial.

  • 14-day free trial
  • Pricing upon request

BackHQ– The best self-service knowledge base

Back helps you develop position-specific onboarding modules for in-house training, remote employees, or even freelancer/contractors.

Back is an employee experience platform that combines an automated-first operations system with an employee experience platform. It was created to ease administrative pain points. Back lets you create company documentation that their AI bot can use to direct employees to self-service onboarding. When the bot is not able to handle your request, live agents can take on your requests.

Back provides automation workflows that make onboarding much easier. The ability of Back to become a knowledge base that can guide new hires, rather than having to refer to another person for each request, will allow your team to concentrate on more important aspects of the employee onboarding process.

Back can integrate with Slack and other systems such as Teams, Workday, Bamboo, Workday, Bamboo, etc. Back does not aim to replace your existing systems. It has the ability to better integrate them.

Back provides customized pricing on request. It also offers a 14-day trial and a personal demo.

  • Pricing upon request

Absorb – Best to gamify onboarding & training

Absorb keeps track of the top learners and latest developments. This can be a great way to incentivize continuing learning for both new and current employees.

Absorb, a flexible learning management system, offers badges and certificates that can be shared via social media. This helps to increase employee engagement. Absorb uses intelligent assist, an AI that streamlines administrative tasks and suggests learning topics to students.

Absorb also has a mobile app that allows for teaching on the go. It offers a great user experience and allows you to personalize the content by department for a more customized onboarding experience.

The LMS Absorb integrates with Zoom and ClearCompany, ClearCompany and Salesforce.

Absorb can provide customized pricing upon request.

  • 7-day free trial
  • Starting at $6.19/user/month

BambooHR – Best Human Resources onboarding for startups

BambooHR can help you track your onboarding status based upon predefined milestones and deadlines.

BambooHR is a staple in the startup industry. It allows for high customization for every new hire. You can break this down by job, department, location, and many other factors. Automated onboarding can be achieved by assigning tasks to both the new hire and to managers or other employees.

You can create a customized user experience for every hire thanks to the simplicity and customization. You can create an onboarding guide that targets specific roles, seniority, or departments using the templates. This will improve your overall experience. Bamboo’s user experience makes it easy to keep track of progress and concentrate on the larger picture of the onboarding process.

Bamboo offers a variety of integrations with similar HR platforms such as Workday and LinkedIn, Google, Slack or Microsoft.

BambooHR is available for as low as $6.19/user/month, and includes a free 7-day trial.

Other Onboarding Platforms for HR Software

These are just a few of the others that did not make it to the top.

  1. Qualtrics employeeXM Enterprise-grade HR software that focuses on employee experience and onboarding. SaaS Marketplace for mix-and-match solutions.
  2. Newired Onboarding solution that allows you to add contextual overlays to documents for additional guidance.
  3. Avature onboarding
  4. An AI-powered onboarding tool that can read CVs to make intelligent learning recommendations and set career goals for employees.
  5. Wrike is an excellent template library that can be used to build process documentation, training workflows and set up a task management schedule for learning outcomes and goals. This plan is free for unlimited users and can be used as a complement to any other tool you may have.
  6. SageHR – Automate onboarding with predefined tasks using its workflow builder.
  7. Lessonly is a LMS that lets you create content in just minutes.
  8. Process Street Software that simplifies workflow creation.
  9. Collage – A simple way to gather all information before you start your day.
  10. Jobvite onboard – Provides a central platform for new hires so they can find the right answers within the platform.
  11. EMPtrust– This onboarding solution focuses on compliance with its electronic verification solutions.
  12. Talmundos is a highly customizable onboarding system that can be tailored to suit your role, department, or seniority.
  13. Kissflow: A simple way to quickly create forms and workflows.
  14. Userlane Provides workflow guidance for creating a simpler experience.
  15. Learn LMS Onboarding Tool that provides a mobile app and many options for automating workflows.
  16. FileInvite is an excellent document portal for new hires.
  17. Fuse: Uses Google’s natural AI for employee learning.
  18. LanteriaHR – A HR platform that uses Microsoft Sharepoint & Office 365 to onboard and manage learning.
  19. AcquireTMs Opendoor – A talent management solution for small- and medium-sized businesses for application tracking.
  20. GoCo Offer letter management software that completely digitizes the hiring process
  21. Zenefits is a simplified onboarding platform that supports digital offers letters and background checks.

Does anyone offer free software for employee onboarding?

There are many software solutions that offer free trials. However, there are some options for small organizations or people who support open-source software.

Sentrifugo, an open-source HRMS, is available. It is available for free but you will need to set it up. Although it does not have all the features of open-source software, such aspects as the user experience are less important than those in a paid product.

Freshworks offers a free onboarding option for up to 50 employees.

What is Onboarding Software?

Software can be used to track and automate the onboarding process for new employees. Software can help you track everything.

What is Onboarding New Employees?

Onboarding refers to the process of getting new employees up-to-speed and settling into their new roles. Onboarding includes everything from meeting the team to learning about technology and understanding their job responsibilities. One day up to one year can be spent onboarding.

In conclusion

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best onboarding software. There is something for everyone, no matter how small or large your company.

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