10 Years After ‘Merlin’, What Next for the Arthurian Legend?

For centuries, the ArthurianLegend has captured hearts and minds over and over again. TheStories of the Round Table, the Green Knight, Guinevere, Merlin, the SwordIn the StoneYou have provided plenty of material forCreators of all media – TV, films, games.

TheseDays gone by, die-hard fans of the ArthurianLegend might not be fulfilled. Bar one particular cinematic release – The Green Knight – we haven’t really had a major Arthur-themed production in the decade since the BBC’s acclaimed Merlin series wrapped up. If you’re crying out forContent, here are some of the best ways to relive your childhood. the ArthurianLegends that you may not have heard of.


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Our favorite entry forCinematic Arthurian content has got to be last year’s stunning release The Green KnightStarring Dev PatelAs GawainAnd Alicia VikanderAs Lady Bertilak. TheBeautifully shot and haunting film theWith director, epic original poems come to life like never before. David LoweryCapture perfect theIt is a feeling of terror, fear, and desire that runs through your body. the original.

IfYou already have that one in. theCinema, there are many other options for streaming. There’s theClassic 1967 blockbuster CamelotThe epic musical that stars is titled “The Stars”, Richard HarrisAs King ArthurHe belts out tunes while his gilded kingdom crumbles all around him.

ForYou should also be aware of something more serious. the2004 Production King Arthur. Clive OwenStars the titular character in this gritty action film, which attempts to depict a “realistic” ArthurianThe world is full of white-knuckle violence. If you’re looking forAn ArthurianLegend with laughter, then Monty PythonAnd the Holy Grail should always be your first port of call, naturally.


ForAn Arthurian TV series to sink your teeth into if you’ve just finished theFinal heart-breaking episode of Merlin, you’re also not short of options.

OurThe top contender is the 2020 NetflixSeries CursedThe film has been praised and has gained a strong cult following. the world. TheStar of this gritty take ArthurianLegend is 13 Reasons Why‘s Katherine LangfordWho is the best? the LadyThis is the Lake herself.

YouYou may also try the2011 series Camelot, a dramatic and intensely dark re-telling of that most morbid of Arthurian tales, Le Morte d’Arthur.

DespiteOnly running forOne series, this truly epic show is almost as big-budget. Some episodes are over two hours long and feature some of the greatest actors in television. theThe most stunning set designs you’ll ever see. If you’re a true ArthurThis is the show for you. theOne for you.


IfYou would prefer to step into theShoes theA motley crew of characters make up the diverse group that is theLegendary tales? There are plenty of games that let you do that. One stellar option is theOpen-world RPG Arthurian LegendsYou can also use the, which allows for you to roam around theWastelands of medieval England re-living theNoble quests ArthurAnd his team.

YouYou could also start up Tainted Grail: (*10*), a brutal combat game that pits all of you against each other theMost terrifying foes the Arthurian universe. ForTry something new, or even something completely different. ArthurSome of the most popular online slots are themed theBest mobile casinos forRight now, US playersThereThere are many options, including thePopular Arthur’s Gold Slot at BetMGM the Arthur Pendragon IGT slot

If you’re a die-hard follower of the Arthurian legend, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. TryThese are some of the best movies, shows, or games you can relive theOnce again, iconic stories.

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