170+ The Best Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Unique & Quirky (2022 Edition)

Ninantic Inc. blasted the scene with Pokémon Go in 2016. Suddenly the whole lot round was about this new recreation that makes individuals discover Pokémon in actual places. If you probably did strive it within the final 4 years then you’ll be greater than excited to play it now. It is likely one of the hardest Pokémon video games plus it has launched some main options and one in all them is “Pokémon Go Nicknames“. Over 500 of them might be renamed, and for those who haven’t tried that, then this text is for you.  

You could be pondering why are Pokémon Go Nicknames so necessary all of a sudden? It’s as a result of altering nicknames can lead your Pokémon to evolve into one other one. This trick was not recognized to many individuals earlier than. But as it’s now a recognized follow within the scene, you must also strive on some distinctive Pokémon Go nicknames for a greater gaming expertise. 

The greatest Pokémon Go nicknames differ for various Pokémon characters. For Eevee to evolve into Jolteon, Vapeoreon, and Flareon, you might have all of the completely different names. Their nicknames will cause them to grow to be a specific Pokémon. 

Let’s learn all in regards to the Best Pokémon Go Nicknames and How to Choose a Pokémon Go Nickname for a Trainer. 

Good Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Available In 2022 

Ninantic Inc. bought actually artistic whereas making Pokemon Go You can take inspiration from these names and experiment along with your Pokémon as a lot as you possibly can.

If you might be renaming your Pokémon Go Trainer identify, then know prematurely that your identify is not going to be modified after it. But your Pokémon’s identify might be modified an infinite variety of occasions.

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Eevee Pokémon Go Nicknames

170+ The Best Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Unique & Quirky (2022 Edition)

If you might be new to the entire Pokémon Go scene, then there are probabilities that you simply don’t know a lot about Eevee. It’s a distinct Pokémon. Eevee is a bit of, fennec fox-like creature of Normal-type.

If you might be utilizing the unique video games in Japan (Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green), then you might be gifted with Eevee within the Celadon City. 

Now there are three Pokémons Eevee can evolve into-

  1. Jolteon- The Electric One
  2. Vaporeon- The Water One
  3. Flareon- The Fire One

To evolve your Eevee into any of those Pokémon, you would need to buy varied stones. But you don’t want to purchase something. Various Pokémon Go trainers have discovered over time that nicknames will help you in evolving your Eevee. But what would you utilize because the Pokémon go nicknames of Eevee? Worry not! We have defined the whole lot beneath. 

  1. From Eevee to Jolteon

If you want to evolve Eevee to a Jolteon, you need to identify your Eevee Sparky

  1. From Eevee to Vaporeon

If you want to evolve Eevee to a Vaporeon, you need to identify your Eevee Rainer

  1. From Eevee to Flareon

If you want to evolve Eevee to a Flareon, you need to identify your Eevee Pyro

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All these names are impressed by the identical varieties of Eevee brothers within the Pokémon Anime. They appeared in Episode 40 of Pokémon Anime. 

But these should not the one evolutions of Eevee. You can evolve this Pokémon into two extra Pokémon, that are Espeon and Umbreon. Here are their Pokémon Go nicknames-

  1. From Eevee to Espeon

If you want to evolve Eevee to an Espeon, you need to identify your Eevee Sakura

  1. From Eevee to Umbreon

If you want to evolve Eevee to an Umbreon, you need to identify your Eevee Tamao

Don’t overlook, as your Eevee is developed into one other Pokémon you possibly can change its nickname. Then there’s no have to hold their Pokémon Go nicknames like Tamao or Sparky. 

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You may evolve your Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon, however it’s a little sophisticated than the opposite ones. Although, some trainers consider that altering the Pokémon Go nicknames of your Eevee can result in aces Glaceon and Leafeon. Here are the Pokémon Go nicknames you need to use-

  1. From Eevee to Leafeon

 If you want to evolve Eevee to a Leafeon, you need to identify your Eevee Linnea

  1. From Eevee to Glaceon

If you want to evolve Eevee to a Glaceon, you need to identify your Eevee Rea

That was all Eevee evolution Pokémon Go Nicknames that exist. You can use any of them to evolve your Eevee right into a Pokémon that you simply like.

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Best Pokémon Go Nicknames

Best Pokemon Go Nicknames in 2021

Your Pokémon Go nickname might be modified an infinite variety of occasions. To accomplish that observe these steps-

  1. Tap on the Pokémon to wish to nickname. 
  2. Click on the pencil or edit icon subsequent to the Pokémon’s present identify. 
  3. Type the identify and faucet the OK button.

Your Pokémon Go nickname is modified. 

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Let’s take a look at one of the best Pokémon Go nicknames which are quirky and humorous. 

  • Abra — Criss Angel or Teller
  • Alakazam — Harry Houdini or Shaq-Fu
  • Charmander – Charring Inferno
  • Chikorita — Cucumber or Pickle
  • Clefairy – Clip Art
  • Cyndaquil — Mike
  • Diglett — Mole Man
  • Dugtrio — Mole Men
  • Ekans – Ekanescence
  • Exeggcute — Scrambled Eggs or OmeletteDuFromage
  • Exeggutor – Tree Stooges
  • Fearow – Guy Fearowi
  • Gastly – Rick Gastly
  • Jynx – Nicki Minaj
  • Hoothoot — HowManyLicks?
  • Houndoom— K9

Funny Pokémon Go Nicknames

  • Kadabra — David Blaine or Penn
  • Kakuna – Kakuna-Matata
  • Koffing — ThankU4Smoking
  • Krabby – Mr Krabs
  • Magikarp – God or Mario Karp
  • Magneton – Freeloader
  • Meowth – Capitalism
  • Pidgey — Central Park
  • Pinsir – Senor Snips or Australia
  • Politoed — Frogger
  • Ponyta – MyLilPonyta
  • Porygon – Windows 95 or StarFox
  • Porygon2 — PS2 or StarFox64
  • Psyduck – Odd Duck
  • Raticate – Nasty Gerbil
  • Sandshrew – Brick Rat
  • Seel — KissFromARose
  • Snorlax – Mama June or MaintainTheDoor
  • Spearow – Jack Spearow
  • Staryu — NewSheriff
  • Sudowoodo — Rocktree
  • Tangela – Headphones
  • Tentacool – Anime
  • Togepi — Wunderkin
  • Typhlosion — Big Bear
  • Vaporeon – Baeporeon
  • Venonat – Allergy Ball
  • Voltorb — ItsATrap!
  • Vulpix — MansBestBuddy
  • Weepinbell — Philly or Liberty Bell
  • Weezing — Lil Weezy

If these names are already taken then, you possibly can strive on Pokémon Name Generator.

Cute Pokémon Go Names

  • Thumper – for any bunny Pokemon like Scorbunny & Buneary
  • KingTut – for Cofagrigus
  • Dumbo – for Phanpy, Donphan and Copperajah
  • Pooch or Pup – for any dog-like Pokemon
  • Noodles – for Tangela & Tangrowth and even Octillery
  • Whiskers – for any cat-like Pokemon or whiscash, raticate or dedenne
  • McNugget – for Torchic, Combusken & Blaziken
  • Tiny or Teeny – for any little Pokemon like Joltik
  • Piglet – for Tepig, Emboar or any pig Pokemon
  • Toof or Tooth – for any Pokemon with large tooth
  • Aspirin – for Psyduck
  • Michelangelo – for turtle Pokemon like Squirtle, Blastoise, & Chewtle
  • Kermet – for frog Pokemon like Poliwag, Politoad & Greninja
  • Sonic – for hedgehog pokemon like Shaymin or Togedemaru
  • Boo-Loon – for Drifloon & Drifblim
  • Garfield – for any cat-like Pokemon
  • Lumiere – for Litwick and Chandelure
  • Baloo – for any bear Pokemon like Ursaring, Bewear & Beartic
  • Trike – for Dodrio, Magneton & Hydreigon
  • Boyfriend & Girlfriend – for the Nidoking and Nidoqueen traces
  • FreeWilly – for Wailmer, Wailord and Kyogre
  • Bambi – for any deer Pokemon like Sawsbuck, Stantler or Xerneas
  • CookieMonster – for fats Pokemon like Snorlax, Sickilicky & Hariyama
  • Patrick – for Staryu and Starmie
  • Goldilocks – for Klefki
  • Splash – for Magikarp
  • Pegasus – for Ponyta and Rapidash
  • Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Skar or Pride – for Litleo, Pyroar, Entei, Solgaleo, Luxray, Growlithe
  • Arthur – for Drowzee or Hypno
  • Loaf – for lazy pokemon like Snorlax or Slaking
  • Pixel – for the Porygons
  • Teddy – for any bear Pokemon like Teddiursa, Pancham and Cubchoo
  • Chomper – for any Pokemon with large tooth

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Cool Pokémon Go Trainer Names

170+ The Best Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Unique & Quirky (2022 Edition)

Before altering your Pokémon Go Trainer identify, know you could solely accomplish that as soon as. If you actually wish to change it, like everyone seems to be doing these days, then you possibly can observe these steps to create a singular and greatest Pokémon Go Trainer identify.

  1. Use the Ideal Pokémon Names with a Twist.
  2. Make a deliberate spelling mistake, like writing The as Teh or Jojo as Jojoh.
  3. Use on-line Pokémon Go Trainer Name Generators.
  4. Think of Creative Words.
  5. Use Numbers.
  6. Add particular characters on the finish like Exclamation marks and hash image.  

Nicknames For Pokémon Go 

170+ The Best Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Unique & Quirky (2022 Edition)
  • Messy Mew
  • Dangerous Muk
  • Mankey Warrior
  • Mr. Ditto
  • Miss Kitty
  • Headphones
  • Corrupted Heart
  • Zombie Jynx 
  • Charged Terrorist
  • I’m Not Human
  • Eat You Alive 
  • Your Mad Dad
  • Persian Pearl
  • Electro Exeggcute
  • Horrible One
  • Pretty Pikachu
  • Kakuna Rattata
  • Jack Fearow
  • Just 2 Dudes
  • WillCum4U
  • #DivineFury#
  • StaryuBucks
  • Lord Of Fraud

Clever Pokemon Trainer Names

  • Wizardsm
  • PiraLuv
  • Tracker
  • FirstShark
  • Slipkin
  • Booshda
  • KidSelf
  • Eidatage
  • Murphyseco
  • Wolfiest
  • Insideen
  • NsmileShabby
  • FaceHomey
  • Informerer
  • Aimab
  • LovesNicer
  • PlanetGotta
  • Handly
  • Maccouch
  • Mathre
  • Correat
  • EdgyBolt

Pokémon Go Trainer Nicknames List Available in 2022

  • Abhence
  • KiddoPrime
  • Spuffyre
  • Santant
  • ReaderRacing
  • Keeperge
  • Dailyda
  • MagazineSaber
  • Reggaehr
  • DotMom
  • Mittisour
  • Haseamba
  • Moridani
  • Netlinger
  • WeeklyCoops
  • ChilledFaith
  • Plotop
  • RushBristle
  • Latinashan
  • Cimbris
  • Racermilk

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Best Pokemon Go Trainer Nickname Ideas

  • Bridiati
  • Reallysa
  • Westmed
  • Getlege
  • FreeMercy
  • ThesoyMoon
  • Stratan
  • Pimento
  • Kianger
  • Ashom
  • Careefi
  • MediumJeans
  • Jeansto
  • Crazyme
  • SpeakRead
  • Provator
  • FriedMatter
  • Reptilegm
  • TheevilSlay
  • GoalZippo
  • Avicon
  • Partypi

Wrapping Up

Pokémon was everybody’s favourite anime in childhood, however a few of us by no means actually grew up that manner. I nonetheless love Pikachu. When Pokémon Go was launched it reminded everybody of their childhood days.

Hope you play it and be taught to vary your Pokémon Go nicknames. Comment beneath your favourite “Pokémon Go Nicknames” from this checklist.

You may share this text with your mates to recommend them some cool and humorous nicknames for his or her Pokémons.  

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