5 Great Ways You Can Use To Provide Growth Of The Audience On Your Instagram Page

There are over one billion active monthly users on Instagram, a vast majority of which are people aged 25-35, which makes this platform ideal for promoting and selling various products and services. We’ve created this article to help out beginners who are willing to develop their Insta pages so that they could have a decent channel for communication with their potential readers and clients – today to reach success you’d need some help from the side for sure, as there is a huge number of companies and brands who have occupied this niche and are not willing to share an audience easily. 

We have gathered 6 great ways that you can use to provide the growth of the audience on your Instagram page in 2022 – some of them are free, and some of them, like a chance to buy Instagram followers, are paid and even more efficient than the free tools. However, we’d recommend you to start off gradually and use all of the methods in the order that they are put in this text. 

Creating brand’s identity and following it from the very start

This one is somewhere between a method and a tool. As soon as you create a page for your brand, sit down and think through a “strategy” that you’re going to follow – it should include a color scheme and style of your publications, the tone of voice (a manner that you’re going to use to communicate with your audience – or the people whom you’re going to delegate those interactions to), a content plan (not very detailed, a list of various ideas and formats would be enough), a logo if you need one (you can either create it yourself, or delegate its creation to graphic designer or content manager), a catchy and “saying” main picture and username. All of that can be written down in a chart or planned in notes on your phone. 

Using a chance to purchase subs 

Why so soon? Well, the fact is, people need to see that the page is followed and valued to find a willingness to check out the content themselves. This is why we’d recommend to buy followers straight away – don’t postpone it and find a decent company which will sell you exclusively real followers. If the Insta algorithms will see that you’re taking on fakes and bots as subs, it is going to lead you into a shadow ban – too many interactions with fakes are perceived as suspicious activity which shows a negative influence on the page. If you cannot find any info about the process of subs’ delivery, ask a manager; if they are not willing to give you details, find another resource to purchase subs. If you don’t have time for research, you can use the link in this paragraph to save yourself lots of time, nerve and effort. 

Commenting and activity chats 

Those two can be done all at the same time. Commenting is leaving comments under the posts of big and influential bloggers in your niche, there you will be able to find people who are already interested in the content that you post. Don’t be rude and never try to discredit the blogger, this is not a strategy that you should be suing. Be polite and friendly, share your opinions on things with people and have a very “saying” and clear main picture and username, so that people would understand who you are and what you’re doing on Insta from the very start. If they like what you’re saying in comments, they will have a desire and interest to go and check out what you post in your profile. 

Activity chats are chats in Telegram and What’s App where beginner content creators themselves gather to support each other. There you will be able to share links of posts that need support, and people will leave you likes and comments for a favor in return. This is a very nice way to create a visibility of success (because this is a non-specific and non-permanent audience) and, generally, “fake it till you make it”. As we have said, great for beginners, not that efficient for advanced bloggers. 

Target ads from Instagram 

This is the last step that you should make while promoting your Instagram page. Why? Targeted ads mean professionalism – it means, that you’re meaning real business, that your account has already been able to gather some audience and some signs of approval, and now you’re ready to sell and promote on a bigger scale. Targeted ads from Insta take investments (sometimes serious ones), therefore you and your budget should be ready for regular payments that IG is going to require. However, we’d recommend you to plan things ahead and don’t try to set an ad that is “too big” for your account. Don’t spend $100 straight away, start with the “smaller” audience reach settings and then gradually build up your promotional campaigns so that more people will be able to see them.

Summing up:

Free and paid methods should be used altogether, if you want to start reaching great results as soon as you create your profile. Have a clear and honest strategy, and never forget that the success still depends only on you – any paid option is only a support to your own efforts and creativity, so keep that in mind while working on your content and communicating with your audience. 

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