7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

With Stuart McDonald at the helm, ‘A Perfect Pairing‘ is a romantic comedy film on Netflix. TheNarrative chronicles the life and times of an ambitious executive at a wine-company in Los Angeles. Lola AlvarezHe travels all the while. AustraliaTo land a major client for her company. SigningShe is on her way to work at a sheep farm when she meets a mysterious, rugged local man named Max. SlowlySparks fly between them steadily and quickly Lola MaxAs they spend more time together on the farm.

The Victoria Justice-starrer consists of several themes and elements that are enjoyed by fans of rom-com, including a character trying to settle in a new setting, a determined character looking to do better for themselves professionally, and the complications of not keeping one’s personal life separate from the professional. IfYou enjoyed the movie and you are a fan, then you might be interested to see the other movies. You can watch most of these films like ‘A Perfect Pairing’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

7. The Royal Treatment (2022)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

DirectedBy Rick Jacobson, ‘The Royal Treatment‘ is a romance movie that follows a New YorkNamed hairdresser in -based IzzyThe charming couple gives a chance to her charm at their wedding. Prince Thomas. WhatThe relationship begins as a professional one between the two of you Izzy ThomasSoon, the day of the wedding is approaching and everything changes.

TheThe films are connected by the presence of a strong and independent female lead as opposed to a grounded and closed off male love interest. Moreover, much like ‘A Perfect Pairing,’ one of the protagonists in ‘The Royal Treatment’ adjusts to a new setting as she finds herself attracted to the male protagonist she is working with.

6. Holidate (2020)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

Starring Emma Roberts Luke Bracey in lead roles, ‘Holidate‘ is a romantic comedy movie on Netflix. DirectedBy John WhitesellThe film continues Sloane Jackson — two individuals who are tired of being single and decide to be each other’s platonic date throughout the holidays. HoweverThings get more complicated when platonic partners start to feel for each other. Even though the premise of ‘A Perfect Pairing’ and ‘Holidate’ don’t run parallel, the feel-good ambiance and the predictable yet entertaining nature are common in both films. InA similarity is also found in their theme of a blossoming romance that makes matters more complicated.

5. The Last Song (2010)


Featuring Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth, Julie Anne Robinson directorial ‘The Last Song’ is a coming-of-age romance film based on Nicholas Sparks‘ eponymous novel. TheThe story follows the adventures of a rebellious, unapologetic little girl named RonnieWho is sent to a coastal town to spend the summer together with her estranged dad. Steve. TheyAs they reconnect, they will find common ground in their mutual love of music and passion.

WhileThis is how it ends. RonnieA handsome guy named Will BlakeleeAnd almost immediately falls in love. The premise of ‘The Last Song’ might not involve many comedic elements, but there are themes that make it resonate with ‘A Perfect Pairing.’ InBoth films feature the female lead in a rural setting. She meets a local guy, falls in love, and she soon realizes it.

4. Set It Up (2018)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See
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Another rom-com on the list is ‘Set It Up,’ which is helmed by Claire Scanlon. Featuring Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye DiggsThe storyline revolves around two young, underpaid assistants. New York City — Harper Charlie — who plot to set up their respective bosses to date in order to make lives easier for themselves. However, in the process, the two assistants discover that they might be “the one” for each other. Much like ‘A Perfect Pairing,’ ‘Set It Up’ also incorporates the theme of terrible bosses a budding romance between the lead characters that complicates their professional relationship.

3. Just Go With It (2011)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in lead roles, ‘Just Go With It‘ is a rom-com film helmed by Dennis Dugan. ItA plastic surgeon named DannyWho asks his assistant? KatherineTo join him and his girlfriend. PalmerHe was on vacation to cover up a lie he had told her. WhileTo pretend you are an ex-married couple, PalmerBelieve Danny’s lies, Katherine DannyYou can fall in love with one another.

The premise of the two films in question is surely quite different, but that doesn’t change the fact that ‘Just Go With It’ involves several common themes with ‘A Perfect Pairing,’ including characters adjusting to a different kind of life, beginning of an unintended romance, and the typically cheesy narrative of a rom-com.

2. A Good Year (2006)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

LooselyBased on Peter Mayle’s eponymous novel, ‘A Good Year’ is a romantic comedy movie directed as well as produced by Ridley Scott. TheNarrative centers upon Max Skinner — a London-based investment banker who acquires his family’s vineyard in FranceAfter the death of his uncle. InTo sell the property quickly, MaxTake a trip to FranceAnd hopes to return to LondonAs soon as possible HoweverWhen he meets a local lady named FannyHe falls in love and starts to fall in love with her. There are some direct links between ‘A Good Year’ ‘A Perfect Pairing.’ Both Max and LolaYou may travel to the countryside for business reasons, but you are often held up longer than you expected. InIn addition, both films feature wine and vineyard romances.

1. The Proposal (2009)

7 Movies Like A Perfect Pairing You Must See

The Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock-starrer ‘The Proposal‘ is considered to be one of the best rom-com movies out there by many. The Anne FletcherDirectorial follows MargaretShe manages to convince her assistant AndrewYou can marry her if she is threatened by deportation. WhenThe married couple heads to Andrew’s hometown and MargaretWhen he gets to know him more, things start to change in their shady marriage. TheBoth romantic comedies feature the theme of a professional relationship becoming a romantic one. OtherMore than that, both Margaret LolaAmbitious go-getters who find themselves in foreign settings.  

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