7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

‘Beauty’ follows the story of the titular character, who struggles with personal relationships as her professional life takes off. TheFilm gives us a glimpse into the sacrifices that one must make to fuel their career. TheStory closely resembles life of Whitney HoustonDespite facing many difficulties in the music business, he had an extraordinary career. IfIf you are interested in more stories about artists and the cost they paid for their success, here are some suggestions. You can watch most of these movies, similar to ‘Beauty’, on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Jimi: All Is By My Side (2013)


‘Jimi: All Is By My Side’ follows a year in the life of legendary pop culture icon, Jimi Hendrix. InsteadThis film presents a specific moment in his life, rather than a complete look at his career or his entire journey. SetIt was in 1966-67. HendrixTo LondonHe begins to chart a course which would completely change his life. TheFilm also foreshadows his success and the subsequent struggles that would hold on to him. Much like ‘Beauty’, it leaves us at a point where the endOnly seems like the beginning.

6. Get on Up (2014)

FollowingThe life of James Brown, ‘GetOn Up’ stars Chadwick Bosemanas the leader. GoingThe film shows the major incidents in the past and back and forth between them. Brown’s life which affected his life and career. TheNon-linear narrative structures give the story a chaotic feel, which is in keeping with the artist’s turmoil. TheThe overall story begins in 1939 with a young protagonist. James BrownFrom 1993 to 1993, he lived with his abusive father. BrownHe is at the peak of his career, and the price of it proves to be much more than he bargained.

5. Miles Ahead (2015)

7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

‘Beauty’ traces the beginnings of a wonderful career of a young artist. While the initial road to success is difficult, it is the resurrection of one’s previously successful career that proves to be more challenging. ‘Miles Ahead’ gives the audience a glimpse into that side of stardom. Co-Written and directed by Don CheadleThis film tells the story about the legendary jazz musician. Miles Davis. SetIn the late 70s, the focus was on the time. DavisI was unable to work for a while because of various mental and physical challenges. TheThe story takes place back and forth through time, providing a unique glimpse into the mind of a star.

4. Lady SingsThe Blues (1972)

7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

If ‘Beauty’ teased you withThe beginning of the superstar’s journey and you want to watch something that goes deeper into the world of the music industry, then here’s a film for you. ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ follows the struggles and success of Billie Holiday. The Academy AwardThe film, which was nominated for an Oscar, offers a fascinating insight into the life and times of the legendary singer. ItShe begins by working as a housekeeper, and then she moves into poverty. Things get worse for BillieBefore she auditions to be a showgirl at nightclubs, SlowlyHer singing career picks up. ButShe is greeted with success but soon finds herself struggling with drug abuse. This eventually leads her to a tragic end.

3. What’s Love Got to do With It? (1993)

7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

‘What’s Love Got to do With It?’ follows Tina Turner’s rise to stardom. ItIt all begins with a young girl named Anna Mae BullockShe learns to fight for her rights at a young age. TheShe is without a strong maternal figure and must find her own way. HerHer journey takes her to Ike TurnerShe is given a place in his band and he begins a romantic relationship. AsShe embarks on a musical career. Anna MaeUse the stage name Tina Turnergradually climbs up the ladder to success.

2. Ray (2004)

7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

TheFilm that won Jamie FoxxAn Academy AwardFollow the life of a musician Ray Charles. RayHe learns to play the piano at an early age. However, he struggles to see clearly at seven years old. HisHis mother acts as his support system and helps him live the best life possible. AfterAfter overcoming some obstacles, he set himself on a path of success. HoweverThe continued use of heroin can lead to the destruction of his personal relationships. TheHe also faces a lot of problems due to the country’s racist environment. DespiteAll of this makes him a star.

1. Bessie (2015)

7 Movies Like Beauty You Must See

BasedThe life and times of blues singers Bessie SmithIt tells the story of a singer who, despite all that life throws at her, finds a place in the music industry. ItStars Queen LatifahIn the title role, she focuses on her struggles in both her personal and professional life. Like Beauty, BessieShe is also bisexual and must make compromises in order to maintain her public image. TheFilm was a critical success, and won an Academy Award Emmy, winning a nomination Queen LatifahAs well.

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