7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Wanuri KahiuWritten by April Prosser. InThe movie Lili ReinhartAs stars NatalieA high school student named, whose life is thrown into two different realities just before her graduation. InOne reality is this: NatalieOne deals with motherhood, while one sees her pursuing a dream career.

The heartfelt and feel-good rom-com examines the “what if” moments in Natalie’s life and gives viewers a nostalgic look at how the decisions in their early adulthood shape a person’s life. If you enjoyed the movie’s inventive and stylistic approach to exploring the importance of love and romance in life, we are sure you must be looking for more such movies to watch. InIn this case, we’ve compiled a list similar films for you! You can watch most of these movies like ‘Look Both Ways’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu.

7. Chemical Hearts (2020)

‘Chemical Hearts‘ is a romantic drama movie directed by Richard Tanne. It is based on the novel ‘Our Chemical Hearts’ by acclaimed author Krystal Sutherland. TheFilm revolves around Henry PageThe editor of his high-school newspaper, who has never been married. However, Henry’s life changes when GraceA transfer student, Jeremy, joins the newspaper, sparking chemistry between them. NonethelessThe couple faces many challenges in converting their feelings to romance. The smartly penned film will certainly remind viewers of ‘Look Both Ways’ due to its approach to romance actress Lili Reinhart’s performance.

6. Hello, Goodbye, EverythingIn Between (2022)

7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must SeeBasedAuthor Jennifer E. Smith’s novel of the same name, ‘Hello, Goodbye, EverythingIn Between‘ is a romantic drama film directed by Michael Lewen. ItStars Jordan Fisher, Talia Ryder, Ayo Edebiri, Nico HiragaAs the principal. TheThe story of high school sweethearts is told in a movie ClaireAnd AidanThey are about break up, before heading to college. HoweverPerhaps their last date will convince them to continue their relationship. The film is similar to ‘Look Both Ways’ as it also examines the fragility of high school romances and their effect on the futures of its main characters.

5. 17 Again (2009)

7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must See

‘17 Again‘ is a teen comedy film directed by Burr SteersStaring Zac EfronAs the principal. ItThese are the next Mike O’DonnellA middle-aged man unhappy with his life and ungrateful for the way it turned out. However, MikeHe gets another chance after he goes back in time and turns seventeen. MikeNow he must decide what changes he wants to make, and which relationships he must maintain to secure his future. While ’17 Again’ follows a different storytelling gimmick compared to ‘Look Both Ways,’ both movies are similar as they highlight the importance of one’s relationships and loved ones in shaping their future.

4. Everything Everywhere Allat Once (2022)

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If you thought that ‘Look Both Ways’ explores the alternate reality trope on a smaller scale, enter the world of ‘Everything Everywhere Allat Once.’ TheA fantasy adventure film that explores the multiverse through a character’s eyes Evelyn Quan Wang, ChineseImmigrant finds herself at center of greatest conspiracy in all of reality. The movie is devoid of the romance and teen drama in ‘Look Both Ways.’ HoweverThe film, which is witty, action-packed, emotionally charged, and explores alternate realities tropes, is a great viewing experience.

3. The MapThis is Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must See

DirectedBy Ian Samuels, ‘The MapThis is Tiny Perfect Things‘ is based on Lev Grossman’s short story of the same name. TheScience fiction comedy about two teens stuck in a time loop trying to map the events around them. The film is heavy on drama and romance, making it similar to ‘Look Both Ways.’ Moreover, it uses the time loop trope to explore the complexityYou can find the relationship between its protagonist, similar to how ‘Look Both Ways’ uses the alternate reality trope.

2. Eternal SunshineYou can find the Spotless Mind (2004)

7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must See

‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘ (or simply ‘Eternal Sunshine’) is a romantic sci-fi film directed by Michel GondryWritten by Charlie Kaufman. ItStars Jim CarreyAnd Kate WinsletAs JoelAnd ClementineTwo strangers who fall in love while on a train. HoweverAfter their memories are mysteriously deleted, the couple must fight to find their way back together. Like ‘Look Both Ways,’ the movie deals with the theme of romance and explores the nature of love. However, viewers who found ‘Look Both Ways’ a tad cheesy and enjoy watching psychologically complex characters will relish ‘Eternal SunshineYou can find the Spotless Mind.’

1. Sliding Doors (1998)

7 Movies Like Look Both Ways You Must See

Director Peter Howitt’s ‘Sliding Doors’ is a romantic comedy movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, John Lynch, Jeanne Tripplehorn. ItThese are the next HelenAn ad executive who fails to board a train and creates two alternate realities. InOne reality is that she boards the train to return home to find her boyfriend cheating. InThe second, she misses the train, and starts to suspect her boyfriend infidelity. Both ‘Sliding Doors’ and ‘Look Both Ways’ unfold in two realities and use the gimmick to examine the nature of the relationship between their protagonists. Moreover, ‘Look Both Ways’ can itself be seen as a homage to ‘Sliding Doors.’ HenceThe movie is the number one on this list.

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