7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

HelmedFamous director John MaddenThe World War II movie ‘Operation Mincemeat’ lends a closer look at a fascinating chapter in the history of the war. BeginningThe 1943 story explores an extraordinary true story of morbidity & deceit. The AlliesThey are planning an all out assault on SicilyThey are still unlikely to win, however. InTwo intelligence officers devise a grandiose scheme to plant a corpse in the middle of the earth. ItalianYou will find misinformation on the shores.

WhileWhile it remains unlikely, the strategy is viable in a war of attrition. TheFilm is a very impressive war venture Colin Firth Matthew MacfadyenShine in the cast ensemble IfIf you enjoyed the feature, here are some additional suggestions to soothe your senses. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘Operation Mincemeat’ on Netflix, HuluOr Amazon Prime.

7. Miss Sloane (2017)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

With John Madden at the director’s seat, the political thriller movie ‘Miss Sloane’ transports the viewers to tense lobbies where people stay on guard to pick at each other. TheStory follows Elizabeth SloaneCutthroat lobbyist, whose life is under scrutiny since she opposes lenient gun legislation, asking for more thorough background checks.

While chronicling Sloane’s life and the lives of others at her law firm, the movie looks at the prevalence of gun violence in modern society. With Jessica ChastainThe cast is led by a strong leader who is prepared to face any threat. IfYou want to see another masterpiece? Madden following ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ this is your chance to seize.

6. 1917 (2019)


Sam Mendes, the famed director of ‘American Beauty,’ reared his war drama film ‘1917’ with a meditative splendor. TheThis story is about two soldiers who risk their lives in order to transmit crucial information to another battalion. The road is fraught with perils, and the soldiers must stay hidden from the enemy’s sight.

TheDramas that trust the humane are created by a tense atmosphere. Benedict Cumberbatch Andrew Scott take up essential roles following their on-screen rivalry in ‘Sherlock.’ ‘Operation Mincemeat’ features a dead messenger. IfIf you want to see some live ones, this movie is the perfect movie to finish your popcorn.

5. The Bombardment (2021)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

Ole Bornedal of ‘Nightwatch’ fame directed the Netflix favorite war drama ‘The Bombardment.’ TheThe movie tells the story of human resilience in the face of war, and ends with a sad ending. AnUK accidentally bombards the UK Royal Air ForceThe wrong target is the Jeanne d’Arc SchoolIn Copenhagen. A soldier betraying his superiors, working for the NazisInfatuated with a nun at the school.

AsRare war movie. This film shows the spectacle of war from the viewpoint of a child shell-shocked. If you seek another true-to-life documentation of the tolls of war following ‘Operation Mincemeat’ while getting away from UK-centric storytelling, this might be the movie you are hoping to see.

4. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

While war seems like a collective effort, it is the individual stories of resilience that entice the populace’s minds. DirectedBy Steven Spielberg, ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ is a classic war movie that chronicles the futility of life amidst bombardment and bloodshed. TheFilm chronicles the story Normandy InvasionThe eyes of WWII Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks), who is tasked with saving one Private James Ryan.

The authorities consider letting JamesHis three brothers have been killed in the war and he is now unable to return to his family. As John MillerWe witness the dehumanizing war unravel as he begins his search. WhileThe movie chronicles the past and the present. It also discusses the long-lasting effects of war on veterans of the army. If you seek another movie following ‘Operation Mincemeat’ that speaks about the futilities of war, this is the movie you would want to add to your bucket list.

3. The Imitation Game (2014)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

With Morten Tyldum in the director’s seat, ‘The Imitation Game‘ is a gripping biopic drama that chronicles a unique discovery amidst the humdrum of war. ToOne-up German enigma code, prodigious scientist-mathematician Alan TuringShe has assembled a team consisting of talented and promising women.

TheHow movie looks TuringThe eponymous decoding device was created, which is now considered one the earliest forms intelligent computing. With Benedict CumberbatchThe effect of the cast is one that awes and fascinates. IfYou would like to know more Britain’s WWII history following ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ this biopic movie will not fail to inspire you.

2. SonThis is Saul (2015)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must See

László Nemes presented a guided directorial vision in his second feature-length venture, the historical drama film ‘SonThis is Saul.’ JewsThey were an ethnoreligious community whose destruction at the hands NazisThis topic has been the subject of much discussion in movies about the holocaust. World WarII, and their individual stories continue to be heartbreakingly tragic in the twenty first century.

The monochrome movie follows a JewishWorker held captive in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. AfterHis child dies and he searches for a Rabbi to bury him. The meaninglessness of life is amplified. If you seek to tone down the comedy following ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ this movie presents a gritty and grim picture of the war.

1. Dunkirk (2017)

7 Movies Like Operation Mincemeat You Must SeeChristopher Nolan‘s epic war movie ‘Dunkirk‘ builds on silences while chronicling the theme of human resilience during wars. TheFilm probes the ill-fated DunkirkEvacuation of 1940, which would become a key strategic moment in determining the outcome of the Second World War.

AfterA confrontation with the Germans, British, Belgian, FrenchForces are determined to bring back the soldiers who have been taken. TheMovie zooms in on the event from water, earth, and air while giving a bombastic look at the horrifying chapter of WWII. If you seek to watch another miracle of war following ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ this movie is for you.

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