7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See

‘The Black Phone’ follows a psychopathic child abductor and killer known as “The Grabber,” who charts a bloody path of missing children. HoweverWhen he kidnaps, FinneySometimes, things happen in a different way than they do every day. ThroughA mysterious phone FinneyWho are you? The Grabber’s most recent victim, begins to get help from the psychotic killer’s previous victims.

BasedAuthor’s 2004 short story of that name Joe Hill(who happens be the one-and-only). Stephen King’s son), the film blends serial killer horror with supernatural scares, making the overall experience quite chilling. If you can’t get enough of hair-raising movies, we’ve got some great recommendations for you! You can find most of these TV films similar to ‘The Black Phone’ on Netflix, HuluOr Amazon Prime.

7. The Last HouseOn the Left (2009)

‘The Last HouseOn the Left’ follows the chilling story of a couple that attempts to get revenge on a group of people that have taken shelter in their home. This remake of the 1972 horror movie of the same title is a wonderful blend of chilling jump scares and sinister, slow-burning horror. Much like ‘The Black Phone,’ this film features some intense characters that will haunt you way after the credits have rolled.

6. Alone (2020)


Despite being more of a thriller, ‘Alone’ is the perfect followup to ‘The Black Phone.’ TheThe story centers on a young woman who desperately attempts to escape from a psychotic stalker. The film is set in the wilderness, making the protagonist’s breathless journey all the more frantic. If ‘The Black Phone’ had you on the edge of your seat for Finney’s fate, ‘Alone’ is the perfect follow-up and will keep you invested in the fate of the young protagonist till the end.

5. Rupture (2016)

7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See
‘Rupture’ follows Renée MorganAfter dropping her son, a woman is taken hostage. EvanShe is now on her way with her ex husband. BrieflyA stun gun can disable you Renée is abducted in a truck and taken to an ominous underground laboratory where an unspeakable fate seems to await her. TiedUnwittingly, the protagonist is taken to a table in a dangerous laboratory. This is a riveting and fascinating experience. Once again, the fate of the innocent abductee will keep you glued to the story, much like ‘The Black Phone’ probably did.

4. Split (2016)

7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See

We get into some surreal psychological horror territory with ‘Split,’ which has the prolific M. Night ShyamalanAs the writer, producer and director. TheA twisty story about a kidnapper that imprisons three young girls underground. WhatThe fact that the kidnapper is capable of expressing twenty-three distinct personalities makes it even more chilling. TheYoung, seemingly helpless hostages must escape before a deadly twenty fourth personality emerges.

PartOf Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable‘ trilogy, ‘Spilt’ is possibly one of his most underrated works. If sinister villains are your thing, this film is a worthy follow-up to ‘The Black Phone.’ AsYou can also binge-watch the rest of this trilogy, which is an added bonus.

3. Berlin Syndrome (2017)

7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See

Another psychological horror film that doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves, ‘Berlin Syndrome’ follows a young photographer named ClareThe woman who is held hostage in her will-be love affair is Judith. BasedThe 2012 novel of the identical name by Melanie JoostenThe film is thrilling, even if it is a little slow to watch. However, the film’s atmospheric build up is second to none and you will find yourself completely invested in Clare’s fate. TheThe deadly predicament of a protagonist will keep you on the edge. Finney’s in ‘The Black Phone.’

2. Malignant (2021)

7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See
Image Credit: Ron Batzdorff

‘Malignant‘ is the explosive and bloody entry to this list that almost has “essential viewing” status. FromThe stables of James Wan (of ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious‘ fame), this film follows Annabelle WallisVisions of people being murdered are a common vision for a person like Jeremy. AsThings take a surreal turn AnnabelleRealizes that her visions have come to life. Stylishly executed, ‘Malignant’ is a worthy James WanA simple experiment that introduces people to a premise and then takes them down dark rabbit holes. The mix of real world terror and supernatural horror is also flawlessly executed here, making ‘Malignant’ a fantastic follow up to ‘The Black Phone.’

1. It (2017)

7 Movies Like The Black Phone You Must See

TheScreen adaptation of the timeless, haunting 1968 novel of that name. Stephen King, ‘It’ is the stuff of nightmares. A sinister entity emerges from the sewer and terrorizes a group of children. A masterful mix of physical fear and existential dread, this film is as much about the children’s own fears as it is about the malicious creature stalking them. Incidentally, ‘It’ is the first of two movies that cover the book, with the second one being the equally worthy 2019 ‘It Chapter Two.’

WithTwo movies that explore the story deeply and span over two decades are this fantastic horror story. ‘The Black Phone’ has hintsOf a longer backstory through all the past victims that communicate with Finney. In ‘It’ and its sequel, you get even deeper details of a two-decade-long saga of fear.

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