7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

Patrick Hughes of ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘ fame directed ‘The Man from Toronto,’ the fun action-comedy movie. TheBromance is rewritten with a solid premise. Teddyis a fool, but he can help the police catch this notorious titular assassin by taking his identity. HoweverIn the cockpit of an airplane carrying passengers, there is a commotion TeddyAs the real Man from TorontoTo settle the score, descend.

TeddyHe soon realizes that he is in troubled waters. However, he gives the assassin credit for his efforts, and he appears friendly at first glance. With Kevin HartAnd Woody HarrelsonThe concoction is powerful in laughter, as the central roles are taken on by the actors. HoweverYou may be wondering if similar features exist after an unlikely covenant. InIn this case, we’ve compiled a list that you won’t be able to resist. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Man from Toronto’ on Netflix, HuluOr Amazon Prime.

7. Due Date (2010)

DirectedBy Todd Phillips, ‘Due Date‘ is a blast of a black comedy road movie championing an unlikely pairing. PeterMust travel cross-country in order to reach Los AngelesReunited with his wife and their newborn child. ForThe lack of a better alternative PeterHe is forced to team with an actor aspiring to audition in LA, and his dog with a neck collar. TheA sprawling journey takes them to strange avenues. PeterEven worse, he ends up in jail due to a twist of events. WhileIts chemistry with its male leads is what keeps it going. Robert Downey Jr. And Zach GalifianakisThe movie also shows the AmericanHighway life If you want to watch another film after ‘The Man from Toronto’ where the two central characters do not go well, here is a movie you should consider watching.

6. The Devil’s Double (2011)

7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See
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HelmedBy Lee TamahoriBased on the book Latif Yahia, ‘The Devil’s Double’ is one of the most gripping movies about double identities and doppelgangers. TheNarrative is a peek into the autocratic kingdom of Saddam HusseinThe IraqiPolitiker, and dictator. A man who has no possession can be admitted to the household Saddam. TheThere is a striking resemblance in him and Saddam’s son seems to be uncanny. InA hunt for survival, he has two options. He can become the double for Saddam’s popularly hated son or death. If you have liked the doubling aspect of ‘The Man from Toronto,’ this is an underrated gem you must check out at all costs.

5. The Endless (2018)


Justin BensonAnd Aaron Moorhead jointly directed the mind-bending sci-fi cult movie ‘The Endless.’ JustinAnd AaronTwo brothers are involved in this venture. One brother has it all figured out while the other is still exploring new avenues. AfterThey escaped fromMany years have passed since the inception of this cult, which lives in the jungle. AfterThey receive a cryptic message and they return. The past rushes back. HoweverThe way out is not always as straight. In apparent sight, sci-fi horror thriller ‘The Endless’ walks an entirely different route than ‘The Man from Toronto.’ AndYet, you might find similarities in the story of two brothers who escape from their contrasting circumstances. fromA threat that lies beyond their reach.

4. Rush Hour (1998)

7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

Brett Ratner directed the first installment of the action-comedy franchise, ‘Rush Hour.’ WhileTake Jackie ChanThe pinnacle of commercial success in WestThe movie makes some good-natured laughter. ToSave the daughter ChineseConsult fromThugs that are gruesome Hong Kong detective LeeMust sail to the USA DespiteHe shares his concerns with a garrulous and frolicking LA detective. Brett Ratner. TheThe chemistry between the ingredients is key to the success of this recipe ChanAnd Chris TuckerThe producers created two sequels to the film. If you are in the mood for a film with another unlikely tale of friendship and rivalry after ‘The Man from Toronto,’ this movie you can count on to fill your popcorn bucket.

3. The Negotiator (1998)

7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

F. Gary Gray directed the cerebral and gripping action thriller movie ‘The Negotiator.’ TheFilm sees Samuel L. JacksonAnd Kevin SpaceyFlaunting the garbs hostage negotiators wear. WithNegotiator with his back against wall Danny Romanis forced to make a drastic decision. InIn a strange twist of fate, he takes some hostages in his office. Roman demands hostage negotiator Chris SabianWho is it? RomanHe would be able to prove his innocence if he believed in it. WhileThe movie is loosely based upon a true story and it’s a wonderful showcase for both. SpaceyAnd Jackson. If following ‘The Man from Toronto,’ you seek to see another movie about a hostile dynamic based on some trust, this is a film you must bet on.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

1998 seems like a sloppy year for cinema, since it was also the year that the Coen BrothersThey came up with a film that is widely regarded as their greatest achievement. The movie we’re talking about is the black comedy existential epic ‘The Big Lebowski.’ OwingA mishap of mixed-up identities can lead to the laid-back. Jeff LebowskiThe name of the person is DudeHe is robbed of his prized possession, a rug. TheIncidents force the Dudeto visit the lavish home of the other achiever Jeff LebowskiHe is employed by him to handle the kidnappers of his wife. Bunny. Lebowski’s daughter has a stake in the equation, and so has Dude’s reckless war veteran buddy Walter. ThingsYou can’t go wrong with Dude’s blackouts, but he figures a way in the end. If it’s a tale of mistaken identities and unlikely brotherhoods like ‘The Man from Toronto,’ you should watch the Coen Brothers’ classic.

1. Boiling Point (1990)

7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

The ingenious Japanese auteur Takeshi Kitano directed the black comedy road movie ‘Boiling Point.’ TheNarrative follows a low-level player of baseball who is put in danger by clashing with a criminal. He must get help fromA bar owner from a small town with unusual connections to the underground. AlthoughIt isn’t known if the bar owner is sufficient to dissuade the erratic. Yakuza gangster (KitanoHe plays the role. PreciselyRefreshingly written and signed KinatoThe movie uses some of the most advanced camera techniques. However, there is a surprise at the end. If you have been enticed by the crime aspect of ‘The Man from Toronto,’ here is a movie you should bank on.

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