7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See

BasedThe eponymous novel is by Jenny Han, ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is a romantic drama series that revolves around Belly who spends her summer vacation at her family friends’ beach house. ThereShe reunites her close friends and brothers ConradAnd Jeremiah. BeforeShe is aware that she is in the middle a love triangle, as she finds it difficult choosing between the two brothers.

CreatedBy Jenny Han, the coming-of-age series explores several intriguing themes such as love triangles, teen love, and different kinds of complications that love can bring to one’s life. TheseEach episode features themes along with some comedic elements that keep the story engrossing and the audience riveted. IfIf you enjoy romantic dramas, you might be interested to see the movies we have listed below. You can watch most of these movies like ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

7. The Spectacular Now (2013)

DirectedBy James Ponsoldt, ‘The Spectacular Now‘ is a romantic drama movie that is based on the 2008 eponymous novel written by Tim Tharp. TheThe story centers around a spoilt brat named SutterAnd a typical nice girl named Aimee. DespiteDespite their differences in personality, they get to know one another and eventually fall for each other. HoweverThey must deal with the many pitfalls that love and life throw at them in order to keep their relationship alive. Even though the theme of a love triangle is not present, ‘Spectacular Now’ is also a coming-of-age story about teen love and the challenges that might come with it, just like ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’

6. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See

With Andy Tennant at the helm, ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ is a romantic comedy movie that follows MelanieWho is a New YorkSocialite, recently engaged to the best bachelor AndrewIn the city. HoweverBefore she can get married AndrewShe must obtain a divorce. JakeThe man she married in highschool was, SoAfter seven years of separation she finally returns home to AlabamaTo obtain a divorce, but sparks begin to rekindle between MelanieAnd Jake. TheThe theme of a relationship triangle is an ever-present theme in the Reese Witherspoon-starrer, making it similar to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’ MoreoverThe movie and series portray the dilemma of being unable to choose between two lovers.

5. What If (2013)


Based on TJ Dawe’sAnd Michael Rinaldi’s play titled ‘Toothpaste and Cigars,’ ‘What If’ (originally titled ‘TheF Word’) is a romantic comedy movie helmed by Michael Dowse. TheNarrative centers upon WallaceAfter several failed relationships, who is now on the verge to lose faith in love? HisWhen he meets, his hopes are high again. ChantrySomeone who is already in a relationship. AsThey spend more time together and become close friends. They also start to fall in love. Apart fromThe love triangle, what links ‘What If’ with ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is that both showcase what it is like to fall forOne’s best friend.

4. To AllThe Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)

7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See

Based on Jenny Han’s novel titled ‘P.S. I Still Love You,’ ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You‘ is a teen romantic comedy movie helmed by Michael Fimognari.  TheThe storyline continues where the first movie ended, with Lara JeanAnd PeterMaking their relationship official. HoweverThings quickly get complicated when another recipient of her famous love letters contacts her and enters her world. Both ‘To AllThe Boys: P.S. I Still Love You’ and ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ are based on the books by Jenny Han. MoreoverBoth include a teenage protagonist at the center of a love triangle.

3. The Kissing Booth (2018)

7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See
Image Credit: Marcos Cruz/Netflix

HelmedBy Vince Marcello, ‘The Kissing Booth‘ is a teen romantic comedy movie based on the 2012 eponymous novel by Beth Reekles. TheNarrative follows a late-blooming teenager. Elle EvansShe finds herself in a budding relationship with her senior and is unable to resist. Noah, who happens be the elder brother Lee, Elle’s best friend. WhenThings get serious between ElleAnd Noah, the former’s relationship with LeeGet tested. Much like ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ ‘The Kissing Booth’ also involves two brothersAnd a girl, and the complications that falling for one of them brings to the protagonist’s relationship with the other.

2. The Thing Called Love (1993)

7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See

Starring River Phoenix and Samantha Matis, ‘The Thing Called Love’ is a romantic drama movie directed by Peter BogdanovichThis is what it revolves around Miranda PresleyAspired musician who wants to make her mark in the music industry Nashville. WhenWhen two of her new friends fall in love with her, many complications occur while she tries her best to focus on her professional life. Similar to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ ‘The Thing Called Love’ also sees twoThis is the protagonist’s friends in love with her, making the choice difficult for her.

1. The Half of It (2020)

7 Movies Like The Summer I Turned Pretty You Must See
Image CreditKC Bailey/Netflix

DirectedBy Alice Wu, ‘The HalfThis is It‘ is a coming-of-age romantic drama movie that revolves around Ellie Chu, a reserved Chinese-AmericanStudent who agrees that he or she will help the school jock PaulTo seduce a girl named AsterSend a love note to him and pretend that he is your girlfriend. WhatThe situation becomes more complicated when EllieYou become a good friend PaulIn the process but also secretly wants Aster. The brewingThis is a love triangleIt is what makes ‘The Half of It’ similar to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’

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