7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See

CreatedBy Vanessa Gazy, Netflix’s thriller series ‘Echoes’ revolves around LeniAnd Gina McCleary, two identical twin sisters who swap their lives every year, sharing everything they “own,” including their husbands. WhenThe twins are separated and one of them vanishes. The other has to deal with all the consequences. Starring Michelle MonaghanAs LeniAnd GinaThe show is an engaging exploration of sisterly bonds and the human psyche as well as emotional boundaries. Intrigued by the intricacies of the show’s narrative, we have compiled a list of shows that reminded us of Gazy’s creation. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘Echoes’ on Netflix, HuluOr Amazon Prime.

7. Ringer (2011-2012)


The CW’s thriller series ‘Ringer’ revolves around Bridget KellyAnd Siobhan Martin (Sarah Michelle Gellar), two twin sisters based in WyomingAnd New York respectively. When Bridget’s life gets threatened, she arrives in New YorkWhile her sister SiobhanSeems to have committed suicide by jumping in the ocean. BridgetPretends to be something else Siobhan in front of her family and close acquaintances, only to get involved with her sister’s darkest secrets. Bridget’s involvement with Siobhan’s secrets does remind us of Leni’s involvement with Gina’s secret affairs as the latter disappears from Mount EchoWhile pretending to be the former sibling.

6. Sanctuary (2019)

‘Echoes’ begins with LeniWho pretends to have the best? Gina, getting startled by the news of her sister’s disappearance. SheTravels to Mount EchoFrom Los AngelesTo find Gina, only to get “trapped” in the secrets of her sister. The Swedish show ‘Sanctuary,’ which revolves around twin sisters HelenaAnd SiriThe plot of the movie revolves around a very similar plot. When HelenaShe arrives at a sanatorium where she can meet her sister SiriThe latter disappears. HelenIt was misunderstood as Siri by the sanatorium officials, who “trap” her in the institution along with several psychopaths. Both ‘Echoes’ and ‘Sanctuary’ center around the lives of two twin sisters, following one’s life when the other one mysteriously disappears.

5. Twin (2019-)

7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See
Image Credit: Eirik Evjen/BBC/Nordisk Film Production AS

‘Echoes’ succeeds in depicting the complications that arise when someone pretends to be someone else, specifically a twin sibling, in front of the rest of the family and acquaintances. RemindingWe are Gina’s suffering while pretending to be LeniThe Norwegian series ‘Twin’ revolves around ErikWho is forced to pretend to his twin brother? AdamWhen the former is killed by his wife Ingrid accidentally. Starring ‘GameOf Thrones‘ fame Kristofer HivjuThe series moves on to the sufferings ErikFaces when he starts living as his brother. Both ‘Echoes’ and ‘Twin’ have two twin siblings at the center of their narrative, whose lives are differentiated by the difference in their financial status.

4. The King’s Affection (2021-)

7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See

In ‘Echoes,’ GinaShe fills in for her sister LeniTo pretend to be the latter, you can become a mother to them Leni’s daughter Mathilda “Mattie” Beck. LeniFills Gina’s shoes in front of her husband Charlie DavenportWhen the former disappears. InThe South Korean series ‘The King’s Affection,’ Dam YiShe fills in for her twin brother Crown Prince Lee HwiWhen he kills her without telling her his true identity. Starring Park Eun-bin portrays the twin brother/sister. The series follows her through the conflicts she faces, while pretending to be her twin sibling after a crisis.

3. The Lying Game (2011-2013)

7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See

ABC Family’s drama series ‘The Lying Game’ revolves around estranged twin sisters Emma BeckerAnd Sutton Mercer, who reunited with their teenage selves. When SuttonTo discover the truth behind their mysterious separation, they disappear. EmmaShe pretends to be her sister. Both ‘Echoes’ and ‘The Lying Game’ prominently revolves around disappearances. Like LeniPretends that he is GinaIf the former disappears EmmaDoes the same to be SuttonYou could face severe consequences. Sutton’s opulent life in PhoenixThis reminds us to Gina’s luxurious life in Los AngelesWhile Emma’s life in a forcer system reminds us of LeniThe ranch is home to a man named. Mount Echo.

2. I Know This Much Is True (2020)

7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See
Image Credit: Atsushi Nishijima/HBO

HBO’s thriller series ‘I Know This Much Is True’ centers around twin brothers DominickAnd Thomas Birdsey, who deals with the repercussions of the latter’s paranoid schizophrenia together. Starring Mark RuffaloThe show is a look at the childhood and adolescences (as the brothers) of the twins. This reminds us of some of the flack back moments that portray LeniAnd Gina’s early years,And their connection with the present lives of Dominick and Thomas. TheBrothers, like LeniAnd GinaAssist in fostering unhealthy and abusive relationships. BothShow also explores the human psyche, mental illness and more.

1. Orphan Black (2013-2017)

7 Shows Like Echoes You Must See
Image Credit: Ken Woroner/BBC America

‘Echoes’ depicts the consequences of living the life of someone else with the same appearance. TheThe repercussions LeniAnd Gina’s actions turn out to be life-threatening as well. Sarah Manning’s life in ‘Orphan Black’ gets threatened in the same way after she assumes the identity of her doppelgänger named Beth ChildsAfter the suicide attempt of the former. Soon, she realizes that she is a cloneAnd that she has several “sisters” throughout North America and Europe. Both ‘Echoes’ and ‘Orphan Black’ offer a distinctive exploration of the theme of sisterhood as well.

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