7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

CreatedBy John RidleyAnd Carlton CuseBased on Sheri Fink’s ‘Five Days at Memorial: LifeAnd DeathIn a Storm-Ravaged Hospital,’ Apple TV+’s medical series ‘Five Days at Memorial’ revolves around the discovery of forty-five dead bodies in Memorial Medical Center after Hurricane KatrinaFlooding that followed. Memorialdoctor Dr. Anna PouFour counts of second-degree murder are brought against him for the death of multiple patients. He also faces two charges of nursing.

TheThe series depicts the true events, from the discovery of the dead bodies to the end. MemorialAnd LifeTake care HospitalsDuring the flood. EnthralledWe’ve compiled a list to recommend the show. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘Five Days at Memorial’ on Netflix, HuluOr Amazon Prime.

7. K-Ville (2007-2008)


FOX’s crime series ‘K-Ville’ centers around two police officers named Marlin BouletAnd Trevor CobbThey are trying to bring order to the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. CreatedBy Jonathan LiscoThe show explores the effects of KatrinaThe streets of the Big Easy, where people’s misery and distress break law and order. Both ‘K-Ville’ and ‘Five Days at Memorial’ depict how Hurricane KatrinaThe people of the city have been driven to anarchy, lawlessness. UponWatching the sniper-infested streets of New Orleans, where break-ins become a new normal, in ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ ‘K-Ville’ is a fitting show to watch next.

6. The End (2020-)

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‘Five Days at Memorial’ succeeds in bringing the subject of euthanasia to relevant discourse. Anna PouAnd the two nurses. Lori BudoAnd Cheri LandryGet accused of euthanizing patients LifeProvided care by administering morphine. This was, according to the trio, used to reduce pain and suffering. AsAs the series progresses viewers may find it difficult or impossible to agree with the three defendants. Showtime’s drama series ‘The End’ explores the same dilemma that revolves around euthanasia. The Australian series follows doctor Kate BrennanShe is a strong opponent to euthanasia and only allows her views to be challenged and modified over time.

5. D-Day (2015)

7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

‘D-Day’ is a South KoreanSeries that centers around Lee Hae-sung and Jeong Ddol MiTwo doctors join forces to treat victims of an earthquake in the city. Seoul. Like ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ the show is a medical drama that depicts the resolution and resilience of doctors to treat patients in the wake of a natural disaster. Hae-sung and Ddol MiLike the doctors of MemorialThey treat those without electricity and water, as well as the shortage of medicines.

4. Dr. Death (2021-)

7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

AfterThe discovery of the bodies of several patients’ dead bodies in Memorial in ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ Anna Pou and others get asked how could they “play God” with the lives of their patients. WhileWe let the viewers decide if they wanted to play God, let us introduce our readers to ‘Dr. Death,’ a crime show that revolves around a doctor that actually plays a vicious GodWith his patients. TheSeries follows Dr. Christopher DuntschA surgeon who permanently maims, or kills, his patients who visit him for routine spinal surgery. TheSeries is made possible by the efforts of two other surgeons and an anaesthesiologist. Assistant District AttorneyHe must be stopped. LikeThe Apple TV+ series, ‘Dr. Death’ is also based on a startling true story.

3. Mary Kills People (2017-2019)

7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

Global’s drama series ‘Mary Kills People’ centers around Dr. Mary HarrisAn ER doctor teamed up with a former surgeon to treat a patient named Desmond “Des” BennettTo offer assisted suicide to terminally ill people TheirWhen the police begin to investigate, lives can take a wild turn. Like ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ the Caroline Dhavernas-starrer examines the legal boundaries and professional boundaries of a doctor. It questions whether a physician can harm their patients under oath, and whose actions lead to the death of the same. BothShows also explore the multiple dimensions that euthanasia has.

2. Treme (2010-2013)

7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

AlongWith the discovery of the bodies at Memorial and the aftermath of the same, ‘Five Days at Memorial’ portrays the fall of the city of New Orleans due to Hurricane KatrinaThe subsequent flood. TheThe show shows how people end up on streets without shelters. HBO’s ‘Treme’ can be considered as a companion work to the AppleTV+ shows how it depicts New OrleansRecovery from the same fall as the flood and hurricane. TheThe narrative of the show starts three months later Hurricane KatrinaThis film shows how city residents rebuild their homes and culture after the natural disaster.

1. WhenThe Levees BrokeA RequiemIn Four Acts (2006–2007)

7 Shows Like Five Days at Memorial You Must See

HBO’s documentary miniseries ‘WhenThe Levees BrokeA RequiemIn Four Acts’ revolves around the aftermath of Hurricane KatrinaFollowing the events that severely affected the City of New OrleansThe city population was flooded by the floodwaters after the levees were breached Big Easy. DirectedBy the legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, the show, like ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ opens a window to the incompetence of the various governments and governmental bodies, which mistreated and ignored the people who suffered due to the flood. TheHBO’s HBO series reminds us how authorities failed to assist MemorialAnd LifeAssist in the evacuation of the patients from the hospital.

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