7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

‘Man vs. Bee’ follows the story of a simple man and father who finds himself housesitting an opulent mansion. TheComedy series take off when the man in question is confronted with a seemingly regular honeybee. TheThe hilarious and often hilarious battle of wits that ensues between the titular couple causes some series damage to their luxurious home.

TheShow sees comedian Rowan AtkinsonIn top form, doing what is his best. TheThe absurdly simple premise is turned into a hilarious comedic narrative sprinkled with slapstick comedy. If you can’t get enough of the gutwrenching laughs that shows like this provide, we’ve dug around and got some great recommendations for you! You can find most of these TV shows similar to ‘Man vs. Bee’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. The Thin Blue Line (1995-1996)

ItIt goes without saying that Rowan Atkinson is going to appear a few times on this list (you’re welcome!), so let’s kick things off with this short-lived but worthy show. ‘The Thin Blue Line’ is set in a fictional Britishtown and sees Chief of Police (Atkinson) regularly lock horns with the head of the CID. After getting middling reviews initially, this show has since gained “classic” status and features some of the comedic actor’s best early work. Like ‘Man vs. Bee,’ this show also features a central duo that is constantly in contention with the other, leading to a seemingly unending supply of comedy.

6. The Sarah Silverman Program (2007-2010)


AnotherFunny woman, comedic genius with a well-deserved show Sarah Silverman plays a fictional version of herself in ‘The Sarah Silverman Program.’ OnceThe premise is clear, and the show follows. SilvermanShe lives an absurd life that is marked by her self-absorbed indifference. ThroughThe central character leaps from one awkward situation into the next, revealing many anecdotes and hilarious interactions. Just like ‘Man vs. Bee,’ this show also centers on the comedic genius of a multi-talented actress who singlehandedly provides continuous laughs.

5. An Idiot Abroad (2010-2012)

7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant, the duo that brought us the original version of ‘The Office,’ are behind ‘An Idiot Abroad.’ The show’s setup involves two friends taking their close-minded third friend, Karl PilkingtonTake a world trip to visit the Seven Wonders. TheComedy is found in the three central characters who are constantly at opposite ends. While Gervais Merchant’s characters push PilkingtonIt is important to absorb the culture of the area. However, the latter can have some reservations which can lead to hilarious results. Once again, if you enjoyed the “fish-out-of-water” comedy of ‘Man vs. Bee,’ you will love watching Pilkington’s struggles in foreign lands.

4. I’m Alan Partridge (1997-2002)

7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

ContinuingOur foray into British comedies, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ follows the titular failed DJ and television presenter who is abandoned by his wife and let go by the BBC. DesperateFor a respectable job, PartridgeHe takes his time hosting a late night radio show and pitches new shows. The relatively simple setup, which leaves a lot of room for comedy, will fill that ‘Man vs. Bee’ shaped hole in your heart.

3. The Black Adder (1983)

7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

A return to the one you love Rowan Atkinson’s most recognized early roles, ‘The Blackadder’ is actually the first in a series of sitcoms centered around the titular character, who is essayed by the comic actor. SetIn the British Middle AgesThe story has a convoluted backstory, which bends history to find Edmund (who gives himself the titleOf ‘The Black Adder) as the Duke of Edinburgh. The show’s comedy lies in Edmund’s various attempts to impress his father and eventually overthrow him. If you enjoyed Atkinson’s antics in ‘Man vs. Bee,’ you will love seeing his younger self get up to some outlandish comedy in ‘The Black Adder.’

2. Fawlty Towers (1975-1979)

7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

An absolute classic that is often considered one of the best comedy shows of all time, ‘Fawlty Towers’ is set in a fictional hotel run by Basil Fawlty(essayed by unmistakable John Cleese). OtherCharacters include his bossy wife SybillThe sensible maid PollyChaos, generally lost SpanishWaiter Manuel. TheThe story revolves around the daily running of the hotel. It is a great area for comedy due to the eccentric characters.

TheThe continuos are full of laughter and come from a perfect mix of farcical and slapstick comedy. This show is a good followup to any comedy series, but if you loved the slapstick humor of ‘Man vs. Bee,’ you will find the annals of ‘Fawlty Towers’ equally chaotic and hilarious.

1. Mr. Bean (1990-1995)

7 Shows Like Man vs Bee You Must See

A top choice that is so obvious, it’s almost an anticlimax. If you’re one of the few comedy lovers that haven’t watched ‘Mr. Bean,’ we suggest you get to it as soon as you finish reading this piece. Rowan AtkinsonPerhaps his most famous role is that of the titular, hapless character. What makes ‘Mr. Bean’ so special is that you will be perpetually confused as to whether the central character is mind-numbingly foolish or a veritable genius.

TheThe comedy adventure that the titular character experiences as he goes about his day turns into a hilarious comedy routine unlike any other show or movie. ImagineLaughing throughout an entire episode Mr. BeanHe simply tries his best to get a clear signal from his television set. This show is legendary for a reason, and if you’re a recent Rowan Atkinson fan from watching ‘Man vs. Bee,’ you have a lot to look forward to in ‘Mr. Bean.’

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