7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

‘The Old Man’ is a thriller series that revolves around Dan ChaseEx-CIA operative ”, who is on the run as forces from his past attempt to track him down. ItIt was created by Jonathan E. Steinberg Robert LevineStars Jeff Bridgesas the leader. TheSeries is based on Thomas Perry’s novel of the same name and has received positive reviews from critics.

IfIf you enjoyed the show and are still hungry for more dark twists, creative backstories, and violent action sequences you have probably watched it. InIn this case, we’ve compiled a list similar shows that you might also enjoy. You can watch most of these shows like ‘The Old Man’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu.

7. The Blacklist (2013-)

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‘The Blacklist‘ is a crime drama series created by Jon BokenkampThis is what you get Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), a high-profile criminal turned FBI informant with a mysterious past. RedWith his expertise, he helps the FBI find notorious criminals on its titular list. The long-running series is known for delivering several twists on its main character’s backstory and personal life, making it akin to ‘The Old Man.’ MoreoverBoth main characters of the shows follow a morally ambiguous course.

 6. Jack Ryan (2018-)

‘Jack Ryan‘ (also known as ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’) is based on the titular character appearing in novels penned by author Tom Clancy. TheA series is created by Carlton Cuse Graham Roland. TheThe thriller series follows the eponymous CIA Analyst (John Krasinski), who embarks on several dangerous field missions. Like ‘The Old Man,’ the main character is associated with the CIA, and his tasks have a political angle. Thus, with similar elements, the series will provide viewers of ‘The Old Man’ with a new worldview on the life and work of CIA agents.

 5. 24 (2001-2010)

7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

’24’ follows Jack BauerA counter-terrorism specialist who takes on dangerous missions to stop terrorist plots. TheAction-drama series are created by Joel Surnow Robert Cochran. While the show’s narrative is drastically different from ‘The Old Man,’ both shows focus on the complex moral decisions that agents must make in the field for the greater good. WithThe series features many interesting characters with varied backstories. It will keep viewers interested in the story unfolding in real time.

4. Slow Horses (2022-)

7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

‘Slow Horses‘ is a spy drama series that revolves around the operatives of the Slough HouseAn administrative department in which MI5 agents are sent to prison. LedBy their head Jackson LambThe operatives are now part of a dangerous plan that threatens all of us. England. TheSeries is based on Mick Herron’s novel of the same name and provides a fresh twist on the spy genre tropes giving viewers of ‘The Old Man’ an unconventional narrative. Like ‘The Old Man,’ the series is driven by a veteran lead star (in this case Gary Oldman) playing a deterred and old yet intelligent agent.

3. Reacher (2022-)

7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

‘Reacher‘ is a crime thriller series based on author Lee Child’s ‘Jack Reacher’ book series and developed for television by Nick Santora. ItFocuses on Jack Reacher, a decorated U.S. ArmyA military policeman returns to his hometown. However, ReacherHe quickly becomes entangled in a grave plot. TheThe series is packed with action and features a complex story with corrupt officials, shocking betrayals, and more. FurthermoreFlashbacks reveal the backstories of both main characters on both shows. Therefore, the series will remind viewers of ‘The Old Man.’

 2. Bosch (2014-2021)

7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

BasedOn Michael Connelly’s best-selling novel series of the same name, ‘Bosch‘ tells the story of Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, a homicide investigator with a tragic past. TheTelevision series are created by Eric Overmyer. The detective drama will be a fresh change of pace for viewers of ‘The Old Man’ but still features familiar elements such as an aging protagonist with deep affection for his family and a complex past that unravels slowly. MoreoverBoth shows are adaptations popular books and are driven primarily by conflicted emotions of the main characters.

1. PersonOf Interest (2011-2016)

7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See

‘PersonOf Interest’ is a science fiction drama created by Jonathan NolanStaring Jim Caviezel Michael EmersonAs the leader. ItIt revolves around Harold Finch, a reclusive software genius who teams with John ReeseAn ex-CIA agent to prevent crimes by using a computer program that can predict violent acts. TheRelationship between Reese FinchMirrors that of Dan Chase Harold Harper from ‘The Old Man.’

Moreover, Chase ReeseThe backstory of former CIA agents, who were presumed dead for many decades before returning to action, is similar. Likewise, ‘PersonOf Interest’ deals with the theme of morally ambiguous actions for the greater good. Due to these similarities with ‘The Old Man,’ the series takes the top spot on our list!

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1 thought on “7 Shows Like The Old Man You Must See”

  1. There are so many epic espionage films and TV shows on now or in the pipeline: just ask your “Old Man”! Coming soon is Joe and Anthony Russo’s The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans based upon Mark Greaney’s debut novel: it sounds like an epic movie. Already on TV or in cinemas are The Ipcress File with newcomer Joe Cole, Mick Herron’s Slow Horses from the Slough House stables, The Courier about Greville Wynne played by Benedict Cumberbatch who looks astonishingly just like Wynne did in real life, Colin Firth in Operation Mincemeat, Olen Steinhauer’s All the Old Knives and let’s not forget Kaley Cuoco in the Flight Attendant.

    Indeed, ignoring the fact based Operation Mincemeat and The Courier, there’s almost too much fictional espionage on the menu to cope with so why not try reading instead. If you liked Deighton, Herron or Wynne, we suggest a noir fact based espionage masterpiece could do the trick. Two compelling thrillers spring to mind. They are both down to earth curious real life Cold War novels you’ll never put down.

    Try Bill Fairclough’s Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series and Ben Macintyre’s The Spy and the Traitor about KGB Colonel Oleg Gordievsky.

    Talking of Col Oleg, he knew MI6’s Col Mac (aka Col Alan Pemberton in real life) who was Edward Burlington’s handler in The Burlington Files. Bill Fairclough (aka Edward Burlington) came across John le Carré (aka David Cornwell) long after the latter’s MI6 career ended thanks to Kim Philby. The novelist Graham Greene used to work in MI6 reporting to Philby and Bill Fairclough actually stayed in Hôtel Oloffson during a covert op in Haiti which was at the heart of Graham Greene’s spy novel The Comedians.


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