7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

CreatedThe comedian Mike Myers himself, ‘The Pentaverate’ is a detective thriller series of immense mind warp and cultist allure. TheStory revolves around the titular secret organization, which may have been involved at significant global events ever since the Black Plague. NowYou will be amazed at how they are so unknown to you. CanadaA journalist based in Canada Bruce BaldwinHe shares the same curious mind and can land in trouble. TheRecipe is richly satisfying with a cast that includes Mike MyersAnd Jeremy Irons. IfIf you’re wondering if there are similar shows you could binge-watch, you are in luck. WeHave gathered some series that may appeal to you. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘The Pentaverate’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Leah Remini: ScientologyThe Aftermath (2016-2019)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

PresentedBy Leah ReminiAnd Mike Rinder, the documentary thriller series ‘Leah Remini: ScientologyThe Aftermath’ chronicles the cult of ScientologyIt is a first-person view. AfterHer eventual exit from Scientology2013 Leah ReminiShe spoke out in the media about her story and that of other ex-members. FantasyL. is a sci-fi writer Ron HubbardHis vision was made a reality when he founded this cult. TheSeries, in turn, is an indictment against the macabre workings of the CultThis is Scientology, including its quite horrific practices. If ‘The Pentaverate’ makes you wonder about other real-life cults, this is a show for you.

7. Lupin (2021-)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

CreatedBy George KayAnd François UzanBased on the well-known stories of Arsène LupinBy Maurice Leblanc, ‘Lupin’ is an enthralling crime thriller drama pivoting on Assane DiopWho follows in the footsteps legendary fictional embezzler? AfterHis father is wrongfully convicted of murder and dies in prison AssaneHe swears that he will find the killer and take his revenge. TwentyHe chases the influential five years later PellegriniFamily is above the law. Mike Myers’ different personas are amply amusing in ‘The Pentaverate,’ IfIf you are looking to find a charismatic personality with similar qualities, Assane DiopYou will never cease to be amazed.

6. The Family (2019)


DirectedBy Trails Scott, the docuseries ‘The Family’ is an intriguing exploration of the titular cult, mixed with sprinkles of politics. WithThe series features real-life interviews and footage that shed light on the mysteries surrounding the titular conservative Christian group. BeginningThe series was created by the cult and demonstrates its greater involvement in politics and society since its inception. AlthoughWhile it might sound like a conspiracy theory to have a fundamentalist society at its heart, it could be true. Therefore, if you seek to explore a real-life cult acting to influence global hierarchies after ‘The Pentaverate,’ this series will keep you fascinated.

5. The Kingdom (2021-)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

WrittenBy Claudia Piñeiro and Marcelo Piñeyro, the Spanish-original Netflix series ‘The Kingdom’ showcases a leader on the rise at the intersection of religion and politics. WhenThe controversial televangelist gets the presidential candidate stabbed during a campaign. Emilio Vázquez PenaThe media attention is concentrated on you. HisPresidential run in jeopardy when the shocking secrets are revealed in an institution controlled by his organization. If following ‘The Pentaverate,’ you want to retain the cultist intrigue but move towards a serious tone, this is the show you are looking for.

4. The Newsroom (2012 –2014)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

CreatedBy an acclaimed playwright Aaron Sorkin, the HBO original drama series ‘The Newsroom’ is a lament for the good old days of journalism and euphoria surrounding the dedication of smaller networks to put real news from the streets on a platter. ThePrevious colleagues WillMcAvoy has quit their job at the Atlantic Cable News Channel, WillIt is difficult for him to work with his colleagues. TogetherThey are committed to making relevant content for the network, while also probing into the miseries and struggles of real people. ‘The Pentaverate’ is ultimately a series about a journalist, and if you want to make things a bit more political, this show will ground you in the mundane struggles of life.

3. Sacred Lies (2018-)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

BasedThe following are the Stephanie Oakes novel ‘The Sacred LiesThis is Minnow Bly,’ the Facebook Watch original horror thriller series ‘Sacred Lies’ toys with reality and perception, as it loses the story in the mind of its unreliable narrator. TheStory revolves around MinnowWho gets released from the KevinianCult at the age 12. AsShe flees the clan but finds her hands missing. SheIt becomes violent and erratic, jumping from one prison to the next. If you seek female-centric thrillers involving secret societies following ‘The Penteverate,’ this series ups the ante with brilliant character sketches and compelling horrors.

2. The Leftovers (2014-2017)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

CreatedBy Damon LindelofAnd Tom PerrottaBased on Perrotta’s 2011 novel of the same name, ‘The Leftovers’ is a somber psychological thriller series filled with awe and a longing to understand the meaning of physical life. The story begins following the global event called “Sudden Departure,” where 2 percent of the entire global populace has disappeared. ThreeThe event triggered a retreat of the dominant global religions and radical cults took their places. ThePersona of cult leader Holy WayneThe one who sees himself as the Second ComingThis is Jesus Christ, becomes pivotal. OnOn the other hand, families of those who have disappeared deal with their losses. If you want to broaden your religious vision following ‘The Penteverate,’ this series will fascinate you with its take on religion.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-)

7 Shows Like The Pentaverate You Must See

BasedThe famous book by Margaret Atwood, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ plunges the audiences into the vortex of a sinister dystopia. In Bruce Miller’s screen adaptation, sound, a dystopian ambiance, and the use of the crimson color create a chilling and intoxicating atmosphere. InThe future, after the Second American Civil WarSociety has been largely segregated on the basis of gender. AsPer the mandates of totalitarian governments Gilead, fertile women called “Handmaids” are made to conform to their roles as mothers. If following ‘The Penteverate,’ you seek to move towards a futuristic story about cults, this is a show that will immerse you in its vision.

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