A Beginner Guide on the IP Address Lookup Tool

Are you a business owner looking to expand your services? Then worry no further. We are introducing a tool that will help you provide better deals for different customer groups around the globe.

The internet has diversely connected the whole world, but the needs of people living in America are drastically different from those of Aisa. Therefore, getting access to your customer’s IP address and location will help you curate better and customized deals.

The best part? The IP Address Lookup is an absolutely free tool that will help boost sales and track suspicious IPs. So, put your glasses on and keep reading to learn more about this handy little tool.

What does an IP address Mean?

The fundamental question to properly understand the IP address lookup feature is what exactly is an IP address? And why is it important?

An IP address is a unique compilation of numbers separated by a dot (.). It is different for every computer. For example, every computer connected to the internet has its IP address.

An IP address is both static and dynamic. Some devices let you mask or change their IP addresses to protect your privacy. It is important as it helps the computers to connect with each other and the internet alike. 

There are several different ways to view your device’s IP address. But, in this article, we will look at the Ip Address Lookup tool and how it helps users get information about the entered IP address. 

For example, is an IP address in which a dot separates each group of letters. Further, the value of each letter group ranges from 0 to 255. It helps generate new IP addresses quickly. 

What is IP Address lookup?

IP address lookup means viewing the details of an IP address as it provides information about the location associated with that IP address. The IP address details include many factors like the state, city, and internet service provider’s name.

An IP address lookup helps companies track and follow specific IP addresses and get helpful information. You can view an IP address using the Ip Address Lookup tool. It is a free and easy-to-use tool that quickly tracks an IP address.

Usually, agencies and state services use IP tracking tools to search for the owners of specific IP addresses to stop suspicious activities or block their internet access. Though the Ip Address Lookup tool is not 100% exact, the data it provides helps get adequate information about a user. 

Head to the next heading to learn how to perform an IP address lookup tool.

How to use IP Address Lookup?

Using an Ip Address Lookup tool is a straightforward and quick process. It lets you view the information related to the specific IP address without worry. Plus, it also displays the exact location of the IP address by pinning it on the map. 

To learn how to use the IP Lookup tool, follow these steps effectively:

  • Open the IP lookup’s web page in your web browser by typing ‘ip-location.php’
  • You will see an IP address tab; enter the selected IP address. (Your computer’s IP address will automatically be entered by default)
  • Then press ‘show location’ to view the location of the device associated with that IP address

Following is the list of things you will have access to after the search is completed:

  1. The name of the network provider 
  2. The country, state, and city’s name associated with the IP address
  3. The longitude and latitude of the exact location
  4. The hostname of the IP
  5. The location of the IP address on Google maps

Though the information provided is beneficial, the search result will not include the username or contact details of the user. Also, it will not show the exact location or street number. 

It will help the users get general information about the IP address without revealing all the minor and significant details which can affect a user’s privacy. 

Is the IP Geolocation Precise?

Getting the geolocation of IP addresses can help new startups and businesses. For example, knowing the location of the masses will help a company provide better deals to most customers. It also allows websites to display information in the users’ native language.

So, many business owners now use IP tracking tools to access their customers’ IP addresses. But is the IP geolocation precise? Well, in simple terms, no, the geolocation is not exact. 

Though you get the generation longitude and latitudes of the location, as far as preciseness is concerned, you get an approximate location.

The country-level accuracy is as high as 95%, but the city-level preciseness is around 50-70%


Getting an estimate of the user’s location using their IP address can come in handy. Though rare, IP address tracking can help agencies and businesses work better. In addition, you can get your information using the IP tracker even if you are an ordinary user.

It will help you understand how the internet works and provide the desired information about your computer. 

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