A New Era Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

Simon Curtis, the director of ‘My Week With Marilyn’ helmed the historical drama movie ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ with effortless grace and command of narrative. TheFilm continues the popular period piece franchise with the 2019 movie. TheStoryline begins as Violet CrawleyA villa in the south of England is passed on to the next generation FranceOne of her past loves, while the arrival at the titular abbey as a director is a source of curiosity for residents. AtAt the same time, Lady MaryMakes an impression on the director and sparks fly high.

FollowingThe movie was released to great reviews. It retained the feel of the original series and was given special attention. Julian Fellowes’ writing. MostThe storyline revolves around the abbey itself, but the film occasionally takes viewers to idyllic locales. FranceYou can also find them here. HoweverYou might be curious about the film’s origins. IfLet’s investigate further if this thought has actually gotten in your head.

Downton Abbey: A New Era Filming Locations

‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ was filmed in England, Scotland, France. ProductionWas slated to begin from June12 August12, 2021, but the crew seemed to have managed to reach the floor earlier. AccordingAccording to sources production began in mid-1982.April2021 was completed by mid-FebruaryJuly 2021.

Andrew Dunn, the cinematographerThis is ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower,’ joined the team as the director of photography. AtAt the same time, Donal WoodsHe worked on both the TV series and early spin-off movies, but he retained his role of production designer. BesidesThe franchise tells a powerful family story and also highlights many heritage locations. England. ThereforeIt is therefore not surprising that the production team decided to film again in the country. ApartFrom showcasing its affluent history, EnglandIt boasts large studios and a skilled crew that can handle any size of production. LetWe will now take you to the exact locations where the movie was shot.

Bedfordshire, England

SeveralScenes were shot in the county of BedfordshireThe eastern part of the country is home to England. AMajor location in the county: Wrest Park, GradeI listed a country home and a large estate located in the village. Silsoe. AlthoughThe crew visited FranceRecord a few key scenes, several outdoor sequences of Violet Crawley’s estate were actually filmed on this site. TheThe estate covers approximately 90 acres. You can also find a piece of it. EnglishHistory while you walk the gardens.

Essex, England

FurthermoreThe cast and crew toured with us. Essex, the county in southeastern EnglandBetween LondonThe North Sea. AsThe movie’s title refers a period of transition. It has modernizing elements but avoids anachronism. ConsequentiallyThe crew filmed sequences at the Electric Palace CinemaOn King’s Quay StreetIn the village of Harwich. TheCinema hall is one of the oldest movie theatres around. It features a screen from the silent era and an archaic projection space.

A New Era Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

AdditionalSequences were filmed in Belchamp Hall, GradeII listed building Belchamp WalterIn the Braintree area. ThePrivately-owned Estate House on the Border of SuffolkAnd Essex flaunts Queen Anne-style architecture.

Hampshire, England

A New Era Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

In addition, the cast and crew visited the original home of ‘Downton Abbey’ – the grand and opulent Highclere CastleIts adjacent park is located in the village of NewburyIn Hampshire County. The GradeThe building I listed, which dates back to 1679, was a central production site for the franchise. HoweverYou may be able to see parts of the castle that were hidden from prying eyes. Thestately JacobeanThe chic contrasts sharply with the estate French villa.

Edinburgh, Scotland

A New Era Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

InA section from the movie, CrawleyFamily heads towards FranceThey are fashionable and trendy. TheThe scene of sailing was filmed on the Royal Yacht BritanniaThe, which was charged with taking the Royal FamilyAround the globe for more than 40 years. OnceThe Queen even described the yacht as “the one place I can truly relax.” SinceIt was released from duty in 1997 and has been a tourist attraction since then. Edinburgh. WhileIt is anchored at even when it is not on duty. Ocean DriveThe port district of LeithIn Edinburgh.

Le Pradet, France


AA significant amount of filming was also done in France. The movie begins as Violet CrawleyA beautiful estate in the inheritance SouthThis is FranceName VillaYou can find the Doves. ThoseScenes were actually filmed at the location Domaine RocabellaThe villa of, an affluent 19th century villa in the commune Le Pradet. The property’s exact location is 567 Rue Général Weygand. Le PradetIt is located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’AzurRegion in the southeast FranceParticularly in the Var department.

A New Era Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

Upon the production team’s arrival in the southern part of FranceThey were forced to quarantine their own. They chose the Hôtel Belles RivesF.’s haunted house, is a famous landmark. Scott FitzgeraldIn the 1920s.

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