All 14 Ang Lee Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Ang LeeThis is a great pick for one the greatest directors of all-time. HisRecent works have damaged his legacy, and diehard fans long for the quality films he was once famous for. However, he still has a large collection of films. TheseThese are the movies of Ang LeeIt was the worst to the best.


14. Hulk (2003)


The obvious pick for Lee’s worst film, but the right one. HulkIt is not even distinctly memorable. Lee arguably adds some degree of personality to the story but even the action isn’t quite on the level of the Hulk AbominationThe end of the battle The (*14*) Hulk.

IsThis is better than the 2009 film! Perhaps. HavingSexual desire is a part of Hulk’s character is certainly a Lee specific touch, but it doesn’t prevent the romance itself from being one of the most milquetoast, ineffective love stories you will see in a superhero movie. The CGI just isn’t acceptable by today’s standards and Hulk’s conflict with the military is as plain as you can get. It’s nice that the movie has its fans, but the overwhelming majority are going to see this and think nothing of it the next day.


13. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016)

All 14 Ang Lee Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

A classic example of LeeGet too caught up in the technology of the movie, and you will forget about the story’s quality. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime WalkIs the embodiment of everything wrong Lee’s most recent works. The big story behind it is that it’s shot at 120 fps in high-definition 3D. Thatwas supposed be the selling point of a brand new Ang LeeMovie of all things ItIt is not just a visual trick that distracts LeeIt is not the main story, but it is distracting. MakesMany scenes are completely unnatural, which makes it difficult to watch at home with any level of enjoyment.

AsIt is a stereotypical, saccharine take on the story. AmericanA lack of courage can dampen the power of the true story. MixThat’s it! Enjoy some mind-blowing twists from Chris Tucker Steve MartinAnd you have just a bad film. Ang Lee. BothIt’s painful to watch and to listen to such a boring tale that feels like it’s been told many times before.


12. Taking Woodstock (2009)

All 14 Ang Lee Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Taking WoodstockIt is worth the effort to watch. Lee diehards. TheFilm may bring back memories of a bygone era. It may make it funny, and it might make you wonder about the past. LeeWith a camera, you can do a lot. But it’s much more likely you will be disappointed with how empty Taking Woodstock is.

ItIt is a pivotal cultural moment. It is a mixture of seediness and righteousness, and a lot of drugs and music. However, it does not strike an emotional chord. It really does not have much to say about the festival itself and the main character’s arc is tolerable enough but very derivative of other coming-of-age stories. ProbablyIt is best to watch the Paul Danoscene on YouTube and skip to the rest.


11. RideWith The Devil (1999)

Ride with the Devil

PeopleYou may be impressed RideWith the DevilFor its breathtaking views and senses of scale. AndWhile some elements of the film are admirable in their own right, the film as a whole is not very impressive. InAll the ways The Ice StormThis is a hyper-intelligent, hyper-intelligent version a typical Oscar bait drama, RideWith the DevilIt is not a standard Oscar bait fare.

ItSome sections of the movie are too long and wander aimlessly. They also contain romance, war and a western revenge story that fails to work. ItIt fails to justify or even remotely examine the heinous acts committed by its main characters and is overstuffed. MaybeThis could be a sign that you are a superior Leeflick with more effective pacing and more engaging moments-to-moment dialog. However, it isn’t a great movie. It is mediocre with some very good elements.


10. Gemini Man (2019)

All 14 Ang Lee Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

DidAnyone can think Gemini ManWould it be great? FromIt was a convenient excuse to show trailers. Lee to play with technology rather than make an actual movie and that’s what it is, consistently soulless throughout and way too caught up in perfecting young Will Smith, Gemini ManIt is important to remember that the story must be well-written and functional.

Gemini ManIt lacks the sophistication of Lee’s previous movies. ItIt was already past its expiration date when it was released and featured the same awkward dialogue exchanges that you would expect in a story where a character is against an older version. TheEven if one tries hard to justify, action is nothing special. Lee’s resistance to quick-cutting as a strength, it simply cannot make up from a shockingly bad screenplay. Don’t let the bold reviewer fool you into thinking this is the underrated work of a masterful auteur, it’s a downright blunder.


9. Pushing Hands (1991)

Pushing Hands (1992)

Pushing HandsIt definitely feels like a debut movie. Lee. ItIs he trying to fire on all cylinders. WeKung-fu was a mix of magic realism, the clash between the old and the young, the clash between east and west, the look at middle-class life, and a look into the Asian-American experience.

ItIt feels amateurish because most of these themes are half-baked and could use more attention. ButIt is also quite impressive. Pushing HandsIt is as poignant as it can be. TheThe cast gives warm, lowkey performances that make dramatic moments come home. The absurdist moments are unpredictable and hilarious. DespiteThe film has so many plates spinning at once. It is both simple and effective, and a sign of how good it is LeeIt would be.


8. The Wedding Banquet (1993)

The Wedding Banquet (1993)

The Wedding BanquetAlthough it is not going to blow your socks, it thrives due to its unique plot and typical charm. Lee optimism. UnlikeHis other movies are not as sweet, but the sweetness is there. ItThis movie is both funny and professional.

ItIt isn’t nearly as funny as it should be and would benefit from being closer to a traditional romantic comedy. AtIt is also quite thoughtful when it comes down to LeeExamining his most common themes of culture & tradition. NothingAmazing, but not too much to distract from the experience.

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