All announcements at the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Showcase

The Nintendo Indie World DirectOn May 11It contained a lot in its 20-minute presentation. ThisThis is your one stop shop to learn everything that indie developers have announced on Nintendo Switch. ThereBelow, you will find updates to games we know about and brand-new games. announcementsFor the platform. No, Hollow Knight: Silksong Sports StoryThey were not to have been seen.

EverythingDuring the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Showcase


The ShowcaseWe began by getting an update on the colorful life-sim/adventure/creature collection game OobletsFrom Glumberland. WeHave a good look at everything we’ll be doing in theGame, including dancing battles, farming and some other. theThere are many places to explore. OobletsReleases the summer.

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost HavenThis fall, Team17 will release a story-driven action RPG game called ”. Looks difficult.


ElecHeadNamaTakahashi. One person created this puzzle-platformer. YouTo trigger objects, throw your head. the NES Mega Man-esque stages. Elec HeadThis summer’s releases


ShootMove to thePlay in vibrant co-op with up to four players either locally or online. Action top-down looter-shooter SoundfallFrom Noodlecake. You’ll needTo save Symphonia to theYou can choose the song you want to perform on each stage. Get theYou can get your timing right and your power will increase. It’s out today.


WildfrostFrom Chucklefish Deadpan Games. A tactical rogue-like deck building card game. PutThe end to theThis holiday season, perpetual frost.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorReleased on Switch. TABS (as it’s commonly known) gives you theYou can create and watch large-scale battles using ragdoll physics almost entirely to have fun. YouYou can create your own units for wobbly battles. TABS releases SwitchThis summer.


Devolver Digitalhas been announced theSide-scrolling action shooter Gunbrella. GunbrellaReleases in 2023 ItIt is large, airy, and offers many upgrades. the titular gunbrella, which you’ll use to shoot and glide your way through theMap with.

We Are OFK

We AreOFK is a means of obtaining money theIndie band to the SwitchAn emotional episodic adventure game that features new episodes every week. TheThis summer, the first episode will be released.


SiltFrom Fireshine Games Spiral Circus GamesWe are taken on a creepy, hand-drawn underwater adventure. YouYou can also possess and control many different sea creatures. ItReleases SwitchIn June.

Mini (*11*)

Mini (*11*) is making its way from Apple Arcade onto the Switch. ThereThere are daily challenges and weekly challenges you can complete. TheRoad-management game released theShop eShop now

Wayward Strand

Wayward StrandFrom Ghost PatternTakes you on a mysterious flight through a flying landscape Australian hospital. Multiple playthroughs of this detective game are encouraged. TheGame releases Switch July 21.

CultOf the Lamb

CultOf the LambFrom Devolver Digital, asks you fight through dungeons to build your village upon its release SwitchLater in the year

Another Crab’s Treasure

Brand-new “shellslike” action game from Aggro Crab, Another Crab’s TreasureYou will be challenged to defeat giant enemy crabs and become a hermit crab in order to get your shell back. FindMake sure you equip one theMore than 50 shells are available for you to use in combat. Another Crab’s TreasureReleases SwitchIn 2023.

EverythingOther news

The Indie World ShowcaseThe show ended with a sizzle reel featuring incoming indie titles, including Card Shark, Idol Manager, CursedTo GolfFind out more. SkipTo theEnd of theFull Indie World DirectClick the image above to see them all in action. TheThe following games were announced:

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition(Available this summer)
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (available laterToday)
  • Idol Manager (August 25)
  • Card Shark (demo available today)
  • Cursed to Golf(available this summer).
  • A GuidebookOf Babel(available in the fall)
  • OPUS: EchoOf Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (available later today)

That’s everything that was announced during the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Direct.

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