All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

Developer Cellar Door GamesThere have always been a variety of classes available for players with different skill sets and preferences. Rogue Legacy2 is the same as 1 inThat is what we believe. AllThe various armorEach class is able to benefit from sets. All armorYou can find blueprints inThe CitadelYou must upgrade and unlock the blacksmith. ThisGuide will rank the armorSets from 11 to 1 and their benefits broken down.

11 – The Leather Set

All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

The Leather Armorset is the first set armorYou can find in Rogue Legacy 2. ItThe focus is on resolve, which can make you powerful even during the last-game content. EachThis piece combines for low defensive value, and this armor will leave you vulnerable if you aren’t adept at dodging attacks. UseIf you are confident, this build inFor a glass cannon-playstyle, equipping lots of relics.

10 – The Gilded Set

The Gilded SetIt’s a late-game strategy armorSet in Rogue Legacy 2, and it’s not very good. ItIt has poor stats all around, and upgrading it would be very expensive. TheThis is the worst of all the worst. Low stats and poor set bonus make it one of my favorites. armorSets to be used.

09 – The Drowned Set

The DrownedSet is the seventh armor set you can discover inThe Citadel. ItFeatures a high price for upgrades because it is one of the last game sets, and utility bonuses for gold and aether income. ThisIt is a great set for farming, but not for survival in the depths.

08 – The Scholar Set

The Scholarset is the second set which you can find or unlock. DespiteThis set is an early game unlock so magic users can use it to their advantage. The BardThis set is mainly beneficial to class because of its focus on magic-based creatures.

07 – The Warden Set

This armorSet is the opposite of the Scholar set. ThisSet focuses heavily on weapon-based critical attack and damage output. ThisThis is a fantastic opportunity armorSet for the DuelistClass for maximum synergy

06 – The Sanguine Set

All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

The SanguineSet your sights on health, and take damage or attacks. ThisIf you are looking for a high-strength build, this set is a great choice. The life returned with each hit is based on how much damage each attack deals—an ideal armorSet to use for barbarians

05 – The Ammonite Set

This armorset is a fantastic set to spell heavy classes. MostThe HP of mage is very low and they are weak. armorSet has very strong defensive stats, making it ideal for protecting the magically inclined.

04 – The Crescent Set

ThisSet is a great set for the ValkyrieOr the Gunslinger class. ThisSet places a high emphasis on intelligence. Despite it arriving late game, this set isn’t as expensive as some of the very late game armorSets that arrive later

03 – The Leviathan Set

All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

The LeviathanSet offers the highest level of service armorBonus inThe entire game. ItA low-weight chestpiece is also available, second only behind the Wardens armor pieces. UnfortunatelyThis is the link armorset has stats that range in intelligence to HP, so it is not the best. inThe game.

02 – The Obsidian Set

ThisSet is the ninth of 11 that can be discovered inThe depths Citadel. This armorSet has the highest vitality inThe game can help you survive many difficult encounters and boss fights. ItAlthough there is a significant upgrade cost, it is well worth it.

01 – The Kin Set

The KinSet is the best armorTo forge inAll of Rogue Legacy 2. ThisThe final armorSet you can unlock at BlacksmithIt is expensive to upgrade and develop. OutsideThis stat is the best for intelligence and overall stats inThe game. ToTo begin to find the blueprints, you need to be playing on NG+2. YouEven to wear this, you will need to have a fully upgraded capacity for weight carrying. armorSo make wise investments before you start crafting. armor.

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