All new content in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – new locations, returning monsters, and more

After first unveiling Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during September’s Nintendo Direct, Capcom has finally given details on the upcoming DLC, which the company calls a “massive expansion.” TheseInclude new monsters andLocations, as well the return of monsters from previous games. 

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FansThe series will recognize the returningMonster shown off inThe newTrailer for the Tokyo Game ShowAs the Shogun CeanataurWho was the last person to be seen? in Monster Hunter Generations. It’s a nightmare-inducing hermit crab that uses a giant skull for its shell, which is appropriately creepy given the vibe that the expansion is going for. Theelectrifying AstalosAlso last seen: in GenerationsIs. returningYou can also find them here.

Brand newMonsters will also be added to the expansion. A trio of new monsters, dubbed The Three LordsThe main focus of this article will be on Sunbreak. The Three Lordsis made of GarangolmIt can also be used to cover its arms inMoss andMagma to attack water andEnraged people should fire; Lunagaron, an icy alternative to the fiery OdogaronIt is possible to create body armor using ice and Malzeno, Sunbreak’s new Elder Dragon.

NewAlong with the standard, variants will also be available new and returning monsters, such as Blood Orange BishatenThis will emit exploding pinecones instead of persimmons like The Bishaten inThe base game

SunbreakDirector Yoshitake SuzukiThe following is described: new castle ruins location shown in the reveal trailer as “eerie,” noting how the sky turns crimson at nightfall. TheseRuins are centralized in The CitadelOne of the most important is Sunbreak’s new areas. The Citadel is made up of different environments ranging from “lush forests to icy mountains”, each environment will have its own newEndemic life, like Morphed Wirebugs and Marionette Spiders.

SunbreakThis is for players inThe endgame RiseIt requires hunters to complete the 7 Star Hub Quest “Serpent GoddessOf Thunder” before its contentYou can play. TheThe story continues right where the base game left off. RampageOf KamuraWith a LunagaronThe suddenly spotted the Shrine Ruins. PlayersJoin the knights Dame Fiorayneas she investigates threats to her homeland andTravel to her country, where she hosts the newHunter base ElgadoThe village of was replaced by Kamura. Elgadois where you will find a newSet of characters that includes the researcher Bahari and new Quest Damsel, Chichae.

A Master HunterThe rank is also being introduced andEach quest will have its own set.

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Elder Dragon Malzeno and Follower quests

All new content in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – new locations, returning monsters, and more
Image via Capcom

CapcomRecently, several were revealed newThe upcoming features SunbreakExpansion inA new digital event. TheThe flying Wyvern monster is the one pictured above Seregios, a fan favorite creature returning in Sunbreak. AllMonsters will be getting new attack patterns and behaviors during Master Rank quests, andTwo newSubspecies were also identified.

 Aurora Somnacanth and Magma AlmudronYou will be bringing a newFire element andIce to Sunbreak, andThey will also get newArmor andYou can make weapons with them. InThese are not the only options. returning hunts, Elder Dragon MalzenoThe star and newThis expansion’s enemy has been the subject of several recent attacks andIts vampire-influenced design has status effects.

Malzenocan inflict an injury newStatus known as bloodblight andAny hunter who succumbs to this affliction may have their life taken by Malzeno. ThisThat power can then be used by the creature to transform andGet involved in the fight moreIt was more difficult than it was intended to be.

A prominent newFeature coming with SunbreakIs Follower Quests. TheseQuests will allow players the opportunity to form bonds with the residents of the area. new Elgado outpost. TheseQuests can offer you unique rewards and unlocks andYou can use your abilities to complete them. TheyTutorials will also be provided for the new SwitchAll 14 weapon sets contain skills in Rise.

CapcomMore details will be revealed as we go newLocations and MalzenoThese are just a few of the many monsters that were involved in the development of Sunbreak in Summer 2022.

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