All New Weapons and Items in v21.00 Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Update – New Two-Shot Shotgun

ThereThese are three new weapons that have entered the market Fortnitechapter 3Season 3The two-shot shotgun is also included in this package.

WithEach new season’s launch Fortnite, Epic GamesNew locations were added to the map. Battle PassWeapons, new features, and other items that have been returned from the vault. andNew weapons are being added to this game.

ThereThere are many weapons that can be returned andItems from season two include the sidearm pistol and striker pump shotgun. andSMG can be stopped Striker Burst Rifle, and more.

TheA drum shotgun was vaulted with the Light Machine Gun, Balloons, MK-Seven, Rift-To-Go, Thermal Scope Rifle, Thermal Flopper, and more.

WeThree new weapons, including a shotgun, will be introduced at season’s beginning. Here’s a look at each one.

Two-Shot Shotgun

The Two-Shot shotgun is a unique shotgun inThe Fortnite world. It’s a burst pump shotgun that can output some high damage especially if you land both shots. We’ll need to wait andThis weapon is quite impressive. in this season’s meta.

(*3*) Marksman Rifle (DMR)

WeFinally, we now have a new type weapon in Fortnite, a DMR. The (*3*) Marksmen RifleScoped rifle with a range that is comparable to an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. AccordingTo EpicThis is a highly rewarding weapon in battle if you can master it.

Designated Marksman Rifle DMR Fortnite

Hammer Assault Rifle

TheThe hammer assault rifle can be fast-firing AR with unique recoil.

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