All playable characters in Catalyst Black

Catalyst BlackIt is a team-based shooter, where you use masks for the appearance of PrimalsUse their power to win for your team. AtAt the time this article was written, there were five playable characters inThe game.


All playable characters in Catalyst Black
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IssiaThis is a damage-dealing person who casts frost-based capabilities. AlthoughShe can be quite squishy and, if she is played well, can carry her team to victory.

  • Attack: Glacial Torrent – CallsYou’ll be buried under a torrent of ice. inIn front of her, causing any damage to anything caught inIts path.
  • Power: Deep Freeze – IssiaShe will become unbreakable, causing cold damage to all she comes in contact with.
  • Power: Polar Vortex – CallsA snowstorm can cause damage to enemies trapped within it.
  • Power: Wing Sweep – IssiaShe raises her wings and sends a strong gust of wind that supports everything. inIn front of her.
  • Relics: IssiaThere are three relics in the collection: Seeking Storm, Shiver Shroud, Stillness. Seeking StormYou will radiate a cold aura around your enemies, slowing them down. Issia. Shiver ShroudIt will provide IssiaProtective barrier that can regenerate over time. Lastly, Seeking StormIt will allow IssiaTo periodically strike an enemy around her, striking them from above with an icy torrent.


Jainx from Catalyst Black
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ClassifiedAs a melee bruiser JainxIs it a PrimalWho is a specialist inCrowd control Meaning if you want to absolutely shut down a team’s ability to fight in a battle, you’ll want to consider bringing him along.

  • Attack: Violent Pierce – ThrustsHe flies his spear forward, inflicting severe damage on any enemy inIts path. Once the spear reaches full extension, it’ll release a small explosion of energy that will deal damage to anything inThe area.
  • Power: Corral – JainxHe targets an area and pulls all his enemies towards the center, causing them to be injured. inThe collision.
  • Power: Savage Charge – Charging forward, JainxHe will cause damage to any energy he comes into contact with and drag them along his path.
  • Relics: Jainx’s two RelicsThese are DreadAnd Spite. DreadWill have JainxHe emits a fearful aura that drains HP from his enemies, and will restore his health to his allies instead. SpiteAllows for any damage JainxDeals made to his enemies will be returned as health.


All playable characters in Catalyst Black
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NockThis adorable little cutie is perfect for your little one. PrimalWho is a movement-based? PrimalThat can increase the damage to her allies.

  • Attack: Zoom! – Nockenemies, and will slash them.
  • Power: Faster! – Increases Nock’s movement speed and burns all nearby enemies.
  • Power: Poof! – Teleports NockTeleport to a target location and deal damage to nearby enemies at both the beginning and ending of the teleportation.
  • Power: Watch This! – NockA small ball of primal energy will send out a small amount of energy. WhenIt hits an enemy and causes a massive explosion that damages everything inThe area.
  • Relics: Nock’s RelicsThese are Catch Me!, HideAnd Seek!, and Playtime!. Catch Me! Gives NockAdditional charges may apply Zoom! While slightly increasing its cooldown. HideAnd Seek! Allows for NockShe can freely switch between primal form and human for the duration of her transformation. With PlayTime!, it will increase all nearby allies’ movement speed.


All playable characters in Catalyst Black
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SunderIt is a fast and powerful melee PrimalThey can quickly close distances and cause great damage. inThe process. So, if you like speedy charactersThis is your character. You can deal with damage and then get away before things get too crazy.

  • Attack: Slash – SunderHe uses powerful claws and reaches out to crush the enemies inHe is in front of you.
  • Power: BreathOf Rage – SunderDirectly releases the beam inHe is in front of you.
  • Power: Leap Slam – SunderJumps in the air, before falling to the ground and causing damage.
  • Power: Primal Rage – SunderWill howl and then grow in size. HisSize, speed, as well as power, will increase. AllIncoming damage will be significantly reduced.
  • Relics: Sunder’s RelicsThese are Feral Inspiration, Hunter, Rampage. Feral InspirationIncreases Sunder and his allies’ damage. HunterThis will lead to a significant increase in sales Sunder’s movement speed. Finally, RampageThis will continue Sunder’s time in PrimalWith every kill, he forms.


All playable characters in Catalyst Black
Imagevia Super Evil Megacorp

TordenProtector of the melee Primal that can buff his allies at a moment’s notice. SoIf your team is in need of an extra boost in power, TordenIs the PrimalYou will need.

  • Attack: Smash – SendsHis hammer struck nearby enemies, inflicting damage
  • Power: Guardian – TordenTarget an area and grant allies a large shield.
  • Power: Reckoning – TordenWill teleport himself from one map to another.
  • Power: Thunderbolt – A bolt of lightning will come down from the sky and strike anThese area, damaging anyone in it.
  • Relics: Torden’s Relics are BlessingOf Protection, EnterThe Storm, Smite. BlessingOf ProtectionWill provide temporary protection to a nearby ally. EnterThe StormWe will help allies in the near future TordenA shield. Lastly, SmiteWill have TordenInfuse his hammer to increase the power and area of the damage done Smash.

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