All Water Festival 2022 Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go

The Water Festival 2022Event is available in Pokémon Go. YouYou can expect a surge in Water-type Pokémon throughout your neighborhood while this event is happening. TwoNotable Pokémon will debut during the event, Dewpider, and LaprasA scarf is a great accessory. LaprasIs a costumed Pokémon, but DewpiderIt is a new feature for the Pokémon Go roster. YouThese two are possible to encounter inThere are many ways to participate in the event, including from Field Research tasks. InThis guide will cover everything. Water Festival 2022 Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go.

All Water Festival 2022 Field Research tasks and rewards

YouThese can be purchased Field Research tasksBy spinning Poké Stop or Gym discs throughout your local area. AllThese can only be carried by three players tasksOne at a time andWe recommend that you refresh your list to ensure that you have the most recent information. Water Festival 2022 Field Research tasksBefore the event ends. TheseAll of these are the tasks and rewardsYou can receive during Water Festival 2022 event.

  • Catch 5 Pokémon – MagikarpContact
  • Catch 10 Pokémon – DewpiderContact
  • Catch 25 Pokémon – LaprasA scarf can be worn to cover your face

OfThese are Field Research tasksAll are available to players. MagikarpSolid is a solid Pokémon to encounter often to earn more CandyYou might be able to transform it into something else. Gyarados. TheSecond task DewpiderThe new is. Pokémon for the event, andIts evolved form AraquanidThis will be a highly desired job. Pokémon to use inThe Great League.

WhenIt all comes down to finding Lapras wearing a scarf, it’s good to see while it is challenging to catch 25 Pokémon reliably. TheAlternative to catching LaprasTo wear a scarf is to search it inThree-star raids are required to obtain a raid pass. YouCannot participate inThese events are available if you don’t have one. AlthoughThe Catch 25 Pokémon Field ResearchPlayers might have to catch a rare task, which gives them the chance to catch. LaprasA scarf is better than no scarf

The Water Festival 2022It will be over May20 at 8:15 PM in your local time zone, andThese are Field Research tasksIt will be gone.

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