All weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors

RoguelikeGames are filled with fun and exciting weapons and powers that help you navigate the harsh areas and enemies that can spawn. GamesLike Vampire SurvivorsPlayers can also upgrade and combine weapons to fit their playstyle. This will help them survive against the increasingly brutal bosses and enemies that spawn.

FiguringFind out how to get the best weapon combinationsWhat they do is crucial, so here’s everything you need.

All weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors

Weapon combinations in Vampire SurvivorsBoth can be used to make a beverage. weaponCombining the passive and active items creates a deadly new version of the original. ToThese are your options combinationsThe first players must upgrade weapons to the maximum level eight. AfterThis is why you must hope that the right passive items will spawn on the map for your collection and equipping. ThereAs with most roguelikes, there is a lot to this process.

When you’ve got the upgraded weaponYou just need the right passive item to survive for ten more minutes inYou must win the game to defeat the boss that spawns. TheyYou will be given a treasure box containing the evolved version of yourself. weapon.

Sometimes it isn’t exactly obvious which item is going to pair well with a weaponSo here are all the details. weapon combinationsWhat items create them?

  • Bloody Tear – Whip Hollow Heart
  • Death Spiral – Ax Candelabrador
  • Heaven Sword – Cross Clover
  • Hellfire – Fire Wand Spinach
  • Unholy Vespers – King Bible Spellbinder
  • Thousand Edge – Knife Bracer
  • Holy Wand – Magic Wand Empty Tome
  • Soul Eater – Garlic Pummarola
  • La Borra – Santa Water Attractorb
  • Vandalier – Peachone Ebony Wings
  • Thunder Loop – Lightning Ring Duplicator
  • Mannajja – SongThis is Mana Skull O’Maniac
  • Gorgeous Moon – Pentagram Crown
  • Phieraggi – Phiera Der Tuphello + EightThe Sparrow Tiragisu
  • NO FUTURE – Runetracer Armor
  • Vicious Hunger – Gatti Amari Stone Mask
  • Valkyrie Turner – Shadow Pinion Wings

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