Amperon Raises $7M in Series A Funding

Amperon Holdings, Inc., HoustonLeader based in Texas, in AI-powered grid forecasts, raised $7 in Series A funding.

Theround, which is what brings Amperon’s total funding to $10m, was led by HSBC Asset Management (NYSE: HSBC), out of its new Climate Tech Venture Capital FundParticipation from Riverstone Holdings, Muus Asset Management, Climate Capital, Kiran BhatrajuCEO of Arcadia.

TheCompany plans to use the funds in order to bring its AI-enabled demand analytics for electricity to new markets in Europe and Asia and broaden their customer base to utilities, virtual power plants, commercialAnd industrial customers, and grid operators.

LedBy Sean KellyCEO Abe Stanway, CTO, AmperonAn AI-powered tool for electricity market participants that can analyze electricity and address growing concerns about grid reliability. Built for energy market participants. Founded in2018 The company serves electricity retailers and traders, grid operators and utilities across the US. Canada, Australia.



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