Anna Lisa Raymundo Murder: Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?

TheA young professional was brutally murdered Stamford, ConnecticutThe community was shocked by his actions. In November 2002, Anna Lisa Raymundo was found murdered in her apartment, but the case wasn’t solved until a few months later, when another attempted murder occurred. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Betrayed: Keep Your Friends Close’ chronicles the lies and extramarital affairs that ultimately resulted in the death of Anna. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Anna Lisa Raymundo Die?

AnnaIn September1970 Brooklyn, New YorkTo. RenatoAnd Susan Raymundo. AfterEarning an undergraduate degree Harvard UniversityIn Massachusetts, she pursued her master’s degree at Columbia UniversityIn New York. Post-graduation, AnnaIt worked Purdue PharmaFor several years, then switching to another company. New Jersey. AtShe was engaged to be married at the time of the incident. Nelson SesslerAnd was living in Stamford.

Anna Lisa Raymundo Murder: Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?
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ShortlyAfter noon November8/02/2002: A 911 caller stated that a man was assaulting a neighbor. TheCaller hung up after the dispatcher became suspicious about the address. HoweverThe authorities eventually got to Anna’s apartment and found her lying on the floor. ThereThere were no signs that forced entry or burglary had occurred, but there were definitely signs of struggle. TheThe 32-year old had been repeatedly stabbed in the neck, face, and chest, as well as receiving blunt force trauma to the head.

Who Killed Anna Lisa Raymundo?

The authorities couldn’t identify the 911 caller at the time; it was traced back to a payphone close to the apartment complex, but that lead seemed to be a dead end. NelsonHe was at work when he was initially questioned. The police couldn’t find the man who supposedly attacked AnnaHowever, we did find a bloodstain in one the sinks of the house. TheyIt was the killer, I believed.

Anna Lisa Raymundo Murder: Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?

Anna’s case hit a wall before another incident sparked a second look into the matter. Annamet NelsonIn 2000, they both worked at Purdue Pharma. WhileThey began to see one another. NelsonAlso had an affair with a co-worker. Sheila Davalloo. Back then, SheilaHe was married to Paul ChristosShe told the truth, however. NelsonShe was divorcée. ByHowever, he ended it with his girlfriend in 2002. SheilaAnd finally, moved in with Anna.

BackIt was then like SheilaShe was okay with the ending of their relationship, but later it became clear that she was obsessed. NelsonHe wanted to be with me. WhenIf they were still seeing one another, the two would meet up at her condo. Pleasantville, New YorkShe shared it with Paul. SheilaShe would tell her husband her schizophrenic brother was coming to visit, and he would get mad if he discovered she was married. So, SheilaI would like to ask PaulTo leave.

Later on, SheilaTelled PaulShe and her friends discuss a love triangle at work that involved people named Melissa, Jack, Anna Lisa. SheWould say that MelissaShe confided in me about how JackHe was in a relationship that included both women. InIn reality, the story was concocted. MelissaIt was her, in fact. JackAnd Anna Lisa being NelsonHis fiancee and his wife, respectively. SheilaThis love triangle is often discussed and asked about. PaulGet advice about what Melissashould do.

ThenIn March 2003, SheilaShe suggested that she PaulPlay a guessing game in which one person is blindfolded, handcuffed, and the other person must guess the item that’s being pressed against their skin. ButWhile PaulThe one handcuffed was he SheilaHe was stabbed twice with a paring knife before claiming it was an accident. ThenShe pretended to be calling 911. While SheilaFinally drove Paul to a hospital, his ordeal didn’t end because she stabbed him again in the parking lot.

PaulWitnesses who witnessed and heard the attack called police, who were able to get away. Sheila’s arrest. HerConnection to NelsonAnd AnnaThen, it all came to light. ItIt was revealed SheilaClose to Nelson again after Anna’s death, and by January2003: They were together sleeping. TheAuthorities then forensically matched her voice with the 911 caller. Anna’s case, connecting her to the crime. Furthermore, Sheila’s DNA matched the bloodstain found at the crime scene.

Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?

TheThe prosecution believed that SheilaYou wanted to kill AnnaAnd PaulBecause they were obstacles in her attempt to be with them Nelson. In2004 She was found guilty of attempted killing and assault. New YorkYou are trying to kill Paul. A few more years later, Sheilawas convicted for murder Anna. In April2012, at the age of 42, she was sentenced in her favor to 50 years in prison Connecticut. SheilaMust finish her sentence in New YorkBefore the 50-year sentence Connecticut begins.

Anna Lisa Raymundo Murder: Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?

SheilaIn her innocence Anna’s case, saying that the blood evidence resulted from cross-contamination. However, security records from her workplace showed that she wasn’t at work between 10:53 AM and 1:53 PM on November8, 2002, during which the murder took place. In response, SheilaClaim to have taken a long lunch break New York. ForNow, she is still in jail Bedford Hills Correctional FacilityFor WomenIn Westchester County, New York.

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