Apex Legends Mobile is launching worldwide next week

Respawn EntertainmentToday it was announced Apex Legends Mobile, a mobile version of the company’s ever-popular battle/royale hero shooter, will launch worldwideiOS and AndroidOn May 17. TheMobile title was released in a limited number of countries earlier this year as part a regional release.

Respawn announced the release date via the game’s official Twitteraccount shared a trailer for the mobile title in cinematic form. TheTrailer ended with a tease of a new legend. isExclusive to Apex Legends MobileAccording to a report published by eXputer on Tuesday.

AccordingeXputer, The New Legend isName Fade, otherwise known as the “Phasing Punisher,” and he reportedly has a few “Void”-based abilities that let him move quickly, as well as trap other legends inside of the void.

ProspectivePlayers AndroidYou can pre-register for this game on the Google Play store. At the time of writing, iOS pre-registration hasn’t begun, but those interested can join a mailing list to receive an update when it does.

Apex Legends MobileThere will be a few differences between the main game and this one. For starters, it won’t feature every legend in the main game. AdditionallyIt also includes a perk system and a Team Deathmatch mode.

AsFor the console/PC versions Apex LegendsThe title just began its 13th season. May10, which saw the addition to a new legend Newcastle.

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