Are 90 Day Fiance’s Miona and Daveed Now Friends?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ is an interesting reality show that helps us glance into the lives of US citizens engaged to foreign nationals. TheseThe country welcomes foreign partners United StatesThey can apply for a K-1 visa which allows them to travel up to a maximum of 90There are only a few days left before they can marry or risk being sent home. With vast differences in lifestyle, habits, and customs, 90It takes days to resolve all problems. StillIt is amazing to see the couples attempt to make everyday life easier, all in the name and love.

Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance’ introduced Rapid City-based Jibri Bell andHis Serbian fiancee, Miona. TheirRelationships are not always easy. andThey had to travel together on a rough path. HoweverThroughout the season, fans saw how Jibri’s best friend, Daveed Dacho, did not get along Miona. HoweverSincerely, MionaFans wondered if she had made things work. Daveed. Let’s find out, shall we?

Miona and Daveed’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

Daveed and JibriSince the age of sixteen, they have known each others. andSince then, we’ve been the best of friends. Like Jibri, DaveedIt is a part Black Serbs andWas performing with the band in Northern SiberiaWhere? Jibrimet MionaThis is the first time. Jibri and MionaThe right foot was immediately taken. andThey began to date quickly. Being Jibri’s best friend, DaveedTheir relationship was initially supported by his wife. HeEven accepted MionaIn their group andHe was delighted that his friend had found a special person. Besides, DaveedAlways keep an eye out for Jibri andHe was pleased to see how Miona kept him happy.

Once JibriTogether MionaThe couple began to travel the world together, even though they had very limited finances. Later, JibriThey stated that they had spent a lot on these trips, when they could have saved money for the future. StillIt seemed like the trips had paid off. I was on vacation in ThailandThe couple got married. However, over time, Miona’s behavior made DaveedBelieve that she didn’t have Jibri’s best interests at heart. WhenThe show will be broadcast live. JibriMentioned how DaveedThought MionaHe was there only to get his money and an opportunity, as she was too “bougie” to be happy otherwise.

Besides, Daveed’s opinion of MionaHer condition deteriorated when she visited a local restaurant. andIt was hateful. TheThe group was at a restaurant when town lost power. MionaReprove andcrib, which did not sit well Daveed. NeverthelessAlthough DaveedHe has always been open about his views and opinions. MionaHe has always respected his father. Jibri’s decisions. ThusHe was very supportive JibriWhen the latter decided to bring MionaTo the United StatesK-1 visa.

Are Miona and Daveed Dacho Now Friends?

UnfortunatelyIt is neither. Mionanor DaveedThey have not provided any updates about their connection in real-life, but they do communicate via social media at times. HoweverAs MionaShe has now changed her username Miona BellThere have been rumors that she may be already married. Jibri. OnThe couple, on the other side, has not lost their love of traveling. andIt is possible to tour the United States, MionaIt seemed that they did quite well living in it. South Dakota. WhileBoth Jibri and DaveedThey are still listed as part of the Black Serbs, the group’s Instagram handle seems to be quite supportive of the ’90 Day Fiance’ couple. ThusJudge from Miona’s improved relationship with JibriShe is willing to accept less positive things. andHer closeness to the Black SerbsWe can assume she is and DaveedAs of the present, we can have an amicable partnership.

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