Are Alex Agulló and Lucia Saez-Benito Still Together? First Class Update

Netflix’s ‘First Class’ is an interesting TV shOw that revolves around the everyday lives of a group of friends in Barcelona. WhileThe group includes people from all professions such as journalism and design. andThey also have a high-profile, artistic life. andSplit their time between lavish parties andKeeping up with professional obligations. HavingA glimpse into the lives of the wealthy andFamous has always been very exciting. andA healthy dose of romance and drama, ‘First Class’ will not disappoint reality TV fans.

TheShow was first introduced Alex Agulló and Lucia Saez-Benito as clOse friends. HoweverTheir relationship seemed to be developing throughout the season. and LuciaEven got a tattoo Alex’s name, making fans question if they are still together. WellWe have the answers!

Lucia and Alex’s First Class Journey

Interestingly, ‘First Class’ reveals that Alex AgulloThe one who brings the group together. Besides, AlexEven takes pride in forming a wonderful friendship circle that includes people who are vastly differing from one another, regardless of their age or profession. FansYou wouldn’t be surprised to hear that AlexAs a person-person, he has always been a person-person. He started his career at XXL. Comunicación agency while still studying at university. UsingHis talent and tenacity were impressive. and people skills, AlexRapidly, the ranks rose quickly andAssumed the role of a PR Director. UltimatelyHe opened his own PR company in 2020. Las MarquesasIn BarcelonaHe works through, where he is responsible for luxury brands such as Cartier and Moncler.

OnOn the other side, LuciaAlthough she was initially very private about her profession, she first mentioned that. AlexOne of her closest friends. InAccording to most cast members fame is possible if you are a star in the film. BarcelonaThey would have to get to know each other. Alex Agullo. Nevertheless, Lucia and Alex’s friendship goes way back, and the pair appeared quite comfortable in each other’s company from the very beginning. MoreoverThey also enjoy sharing bits and pieces of their very busy lives. andConsider each other their trusted confidante.

EventuallyAs the season progressed, so did we. LuciaRecognize how much AlexShe meant a lot to her, and she wanted to do something for her friend. ThusAs a token of their friendship andIn love, she inked his name beside hers on her hand andDuring a dinner party, he revealed it to the group. AlexThe gesture made her feel very touched andNearly wept in joy. MoreoverThe two of them were married andPromised to remain together for all time, no matter what. NaturallyThis led to speculation of a relationship. andFans were curious to find out if the two ever got together.

Are Alex Agulló and Lucia Saez-Benito Still Together?

In reality, Alex and Lucia never got together, thus voiding all speculations of a relationship. BesidesFans would also be shocked to know this. AlexGay is actually possible andHe lives a happy life together Roman TriasHe married in a marriage to. BarcelonaIn April 2020. Thus, LuciaShe was only expressing appreciation of Alex’s friendship when she tattooed his name on her arm and kissed him during the filming of ‘First Class.’

OnOn the other side, LuciaShe seems to be single right now, as her social media updates make it very obvious that she is not with a special person. NeverthelessReality TV star Alicia is happy to live surrounded by her family. andWe hope that she will find happiness in all the years ahead.

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