Are Anna and Jaime Still Friends? Bling Empire Update

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire‘ takes the audience through the high-profile social lives of several affluent Asian-American Los Angeles residents. AsCameras follow each person every moment of their lives, so we can see how they navigate a difficult social scene and deal with personal issues. andProfessional issues AdditionallyBecause it’s a close-knit circle of friends, there will be some drama and romance, which adds to the show’s appeal.

InterestinglySeason 2 of the show depicted an unlikely camaraderie between senior cast members. Anna Shay, andThe youngest star Jaime Xie. Although Annahe has been through four divorces and JaimeWhile she is still searching for a life partner of her own, the two women have forged a unique friendship to the delights of many. HoweverThe cameras are now off, and viewers are curious to see if they remain friends. WellWe are here to help!

Anna and Jaime’s Bling Empire Journey

Anna Shay is the wealthiest of all ‘Bling Empire’ cast members, with a reported net worth of about $600 million. Her father, Edward Shay, founded the renowned defense andContractor for government services Pacific Architects and Engineers, which is in business in billions of dollars every year. InterestinglyShe mentioned that she hadn’t worked in the workplace all her life. andHer first income was from her appearance on the show.

Are Anna and Jaime Still Friends? Bling Empire Update

OnOn the other hand, while Jaime Xie’s father made his billions in Silicon ValleyShe has made quite a name for itself as a fashion influencer and blogger. AccordingAccording to reports, she makes about $50,000 a month blogging, while her other brand deals bring in around $50,000 andEndorsements can bring in an additional $100,000. While Anna and JaimeWe were part of the same friendship group andThey lived in the same social circles so they maintained an amicable relationship through season 1. HoweverIn season 2, things changed for the better when the pair developed a special friendship.

Are Anna and Jaime Still Friends? Bling Empire Update

As Anna is the group’s eldest member, most others look up to her as a guardian figure. HoweverIn her efforts to keep the group free from drama, AnnaSometimes, she ends up expressing her opinions, which is not always in line with the views of others. HenceOver the course of season 2, Anna and ChristineYou may find yourself in a mini feud of your own. However, Anna’s personality andHer views and characteristics left a lasting impression on her. Jaime, andThe young woman felt drawn to her elder co-star.

AsThe season progressed. Anna and Jaime’s friendship flourished, as the pair were often spotted talking, spending time at a restaurant, andEven shopping together. While JaimeThey were determined to follow in Anna’s footsteps, she also taught the heiress a thing or two about the current generation. ForFor example, in a touching moment of season 2, we witness how Jaime accompanies AnnaDuring a photoshoot andEven helps her get to know the ins andOut of Instagram.

InterestinglyTalking about JaimeOn the show AnnaIt was stated that JaimeThey are not as interested in gossip as the others, which makes their bond very refreshing. OnOn the other side, JaimeShe revealed that she believes AnnaShe made her feel at home with her LA mom SoAre they still friends? Or is trouble brewing? Anna and Xie’s friendship? Let’s find out!

Are Anna Shay and Jaime Xie Still Friends?

Although Anna and JaimeThe season ended on a positive note and friendly note, they haven’t discussed their friendship in public ever since the cameras stopped rolling on the stars. BesidesThe two prefer privacy in their private lives. and do not interact a lot over social media. NeverthelessThey have not shown any signs of a rift between them, which makes it seem like they have made their friendship work. StillWith AnnaNow living a great lifestyle surrounded by friends and JaimeWe wish them continued success as influencers and happiness in the years ahead.

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