Are Blake and Giannina Still Together? All Star Shore Update

MTV’s ‘All Star Shore‘ brings you to the edge of your seats through its thrilling premise, which brings together a global cast from some of television’s most loved franchises. While the contestants hail from popular shows like ‘Love Island,’ ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘The Circle,’ and many more, the show takes them to a beach house, where they lose themselves in an extravagant 24×7 party. HoweverEach contestant must perform well in the party-themed challenges in order to avoid being exiled. The last person standing will be eligible to win a huge cash prize.

Blake Horstmann of ‘The Bachelorette‘ fame seemed to fall head over heels for ‘Love Is Blind’ star Giannina Gibelli after meeting her on ‘All Star Shore’ season 1. HoweverTo his surprise, he was surprised. James TindaleThe two were also very interested in each other, making them romantic rivals. Nevertheless, with the season now behind us, let’s take a look at Blake and Giannina’s journey andWe can find out if the couple is still together.

Blake and Giannina’s All Star Shore Journey

Blake Horstmann stepped into the spotlight with his appearance on season 14 of ‘The Bachelorette,’ where he pursued Becca Kurfin. HoweverHe was a little short of the mark. andThe season ended as a runner up. Since then, Blake has appeared on several TV shows,Including ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ BesidesThe reality star has been linked to many popular personalities, including Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina SchulmanYet, none of these relationships proved fruitful. OnOn the other hand, GianninaGot engaged to Damian Powers after meeting him in season 1 of ‘Love Is Blind.’ HoweverThey had a turbulent relationship andThey ultimately decided to split in 2021.

BlakeWas completely taken with GianninaWhen he first laid eyes on her andIt was immediately obvious that he was very infatuated. HeEven said that she was perfect for him and could not stop praising the ‘Love Is Blind’ Star. Thus, without wasting any time, ‘The Bachelorette’ star began actively pursuing his romantic interest andHe even tried to keep her talking, hoping to impress her by his words. However, BlakeHe was quickly taken aback by the realization that James TindaleAlso, he was very interested in Giannina. Incidentally, James and BlakeThey were good friends andThey did not want to end their romantic rivalry.

Are Blake and Giannina Still Together? All Star Shore Update

StillThey weren’t ready to give in. and surprisingly, JamesThe first one to kiss was Giannina. AlthoughThe kiss left Blake fuming in jealousy andHe swallowed it down in resentment andDecided to do things his ways. Thus, ‘The Bachelorette’ star began spending most of his free time with Giannina andEven tried to share his heart with her. OnOn the other hand, James and BlakeThey sat down to discuss rivalries andThey agreed to each respect Giannina’s decision. Ultimately, Blake and Giannina’s connection deepened, andThey shared a passionate smooch in front of a few other contestants. Subsequently, Blake even asked Gianninato be his girlfriend andShe said yes, and fans hoped the couple would endure the test of time.

Are Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli Still Together?

Are Blake and Giannina Still Together? All Star Shore Update

ViewersWho shipped Blake and GianninaThey would be thrilled to know that they managed to keep their love alive andThey are still together. Although BlakeFrequently Asked Questions Giannina to be his girlfriend on the show, they had to keep their relationship under wraps for quite a few months until ‘All Star Shore’ began airing. Nevertheless, in the months leading up to the show’s release, GiannninaShe kept teasing her followers by showing glimpses of her new man, but she eventually gave up. InstagramOfficial in June 2022.

Are Blake and Giannina Still Together? All Star Shore Update

She even called Blake her “worst-kept secret” andFor the occasion, I uploaded a cute picture of the couple. Additionally, in the same month, the ‘Love Is Blind’ star also talked about her beloved during an interview with E! News and said, “He’s very respectful, but I don’t think that they know just how funny andEasily spontaneous and dedicated he is.” Witnessing Blake and Giannina’s flourishing relationship is lovely, to say the least, andWe hope they stay happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.

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