Are Clara Courel and Hugo Portuondo Still Together? First Class Update

TheThe lives of the well-off andTelevision has always been a great place to watch famous people. and Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ uses that exact formula as it takes us through the lives of a group of successful friends in Barcelona. InterestinglyThe group is heterogenous andThere are people from all professions and fields. HoweverThey are bound together by their shared love of extravagant parties and exclusive events. andHigh-profile social life. BesidesWhile cameras follow the cast in their daily lives, we also get to enjoy a generous amount of drama. andRomance adds to the thrill.

TheAn esteemed fashion journalist Clara Courel, is a household word in Spain andHer extraordinary fashion sense and extravagant style are well-known. Even on the show, she showed off incredibly exquisite outfits that were sure to make anyone’s jaw drop. HoweverHer relationship with Hugo PortuondoFans loved the song and want to know if the couple are still together. WellWe are here to help!

Clara and Hugo’s First Class Journey

Clara Courelmet Hugo PortuondoFor the first time in PachaNightclub in Ibiza, Spain. ItIt didn’t take long for them to begin talking. and soon they felt pretty comfortable in each other’s company. ClaraShe gravitated towards HugoEvery day is an opportunity to learn. andHe was thrilled to discover that their feelings were mutual. ShortlyAfter that, the couple embarked upon a beautiful journey together that spanned many years. andTheir love is displayed in their hearts.

Interestingly, ClaraShe had already made a name in the fashion journalism field by then. HugoA living as an art dealer. BesidesOther than BarcelonaThe couple spent a lot time on the beautiful islands of Ibiza and Formentera. InterestinglyDespite their professions being in completely different fields, Clara and HugoWe have stood by each other through thick and thin and thin. TheFashion journalist, she said that her partner has always encouraged her andHe insisted that she was her only hope.

InterestinglyWhile you are watching the show ClaraDuring a session of tarot card interpretation, I was in serious danger. When talking about the fashion journalist’s love life, the reader mentioned that although she had a wonderful man in her life at that time, there was a chance that another probable romance might present itself soon. Naturally, ClaraThis prediction troubled me andShe stated that she didn’t want anyone else ruining her. and Hugo’s relationship. SheShe tried to push the thought away but it kept coming back to her mind, making the audience curious about what she was doing now.

Are Clara Courel and Hugo Portuondo Still Together?

Unfortunately, Clara and HugoThey have accepted complete privacy in their private lives and haven’t revealed much about their current status. TheAs a couple, you should also not share photos with each other. HugoIn 2018, they posted their last couple pictures. BesidesWhile ClaraIt seems to be rooted in BarcelonaAs of the present Hugo’s profession has him traveling all over the world, including the United Kingdom and France.

NeverthelessWe were able to witness the love during the show Hugo and ClaraShare, as the BarcelonaA journalist based in London stated that she didn’t want to live with anyone else in her life. Hugo. Their relationship did seem quite exemplary, andThe couple seemed to be too invested in one another to let go. ThusThat is what we can confidently assume. Hugo and ClaraAre still going strong andWe wish them all the best for the future.

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