Are Darren Hopes and Theresa Vongkhamchanh Still Together? Cosmic Love Update

Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love‘ manages to stand apart from the crowd of dating reality shows through its truly novel premise that uses astrology to help contestants find their significant others. TheThe show’s first focus is on four elements or individuals who are supposed find their perfect partners among 16 single contestants. However, they are helped in the process by the “Astro Chamber,” which guides them on how to approach a prospective partner andEven their perfect matches can be revealed. YetThe feeling of love is unbreakable andIt is up to the elements to decide whether to follow the guidance or not. It is worth looking into if they do find their happily ever thereafter.

SinceThe sixteen single contestants can choose to date one another, which was quite surprising to fans. Darren Hopes and Theresa VongkhamchanhThey seemed to have a connection. AlthoughThey were originally matched with different elements. Darren and TheresaFans wondered if they were still together after they found it difficult to be apart. WellWe have your back!

Darren and Theresa’s Cosmic Love Journey

InterestinglyThe sixteen contestants were chosen because their astrological charts showed that they were perfect matches for each of the four elements. However, with ‘Cosmic Love’ being a completely unscripted TV show, producers refused to interfere with the contestants’ interpersonal relationships, andPeople were allowed to explore other connections, even if they were a perfect match for an element. Similarly, the “Astro Chamber” revealed TheresaTo be Noel’s ideal match, while Phoebe and Darren’s astrological charts appeared to align.

Initially, Noel and TheresaThey were very interested in one another andThey were eager to explore their connection more. Yet, TheresaSoon, she realized that she and NoelThey had very little in common. and although there was a physical attraction, there wasn’t enough to pursue a serious romantic relationship. OnOn the other side, Phoebe and Darren got quite close andEven the appearances of a meaningful connection were evident.

HoweverThe moment Theresa and DarrenThey were unable to separate even though they had their eyes on one another. and soon got quite comfortable in each other’s company. ItIt didn’t take too long for the pair of them to establish a promising connection. andTheir chemistry was unmistakable. NaturallyOnce PhoebeYou need to know about Darren’s true feelings, she was quite dejected, but ultimately, Darren and TheresaThey chose to leave the show together.

Are Darren Hopes and Theresa Vongkhamchanh Still Together?

Ever since filming for ‘Cosmic Love’ wrapped, Darren and TheresaPrivacy is something we embrace and haven’t revealed much about their current status. FromIts looks are amazing. DarrenReturn to Houston, TexasHe lives in, where he makes a living as an agent. TheresaShe slipped back into her role as social media manager. Nashville, Tennessee. MoreoverThey appear to be happy and surrounded by their family. and friends.

Interestingly, Theresa and Darren’s social media accounts do not feature each other, andThey rarely meet in public. HoweverConsider the dedication andWe believe that reality stars are still together because of the commitment they displayed on the show.

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