Are James Tindale and Blake Horstmann Still Friends? All Star Shore Update

If you are excited about watching your favorite stars from shows like ‘Love Island,’ ‘Love Is Blind,’ “Jersey Shore,’ and more return to TV screens, MTV’s ‘All Star Shore‘ would be right up your alley. The show is a one of its kind party competition show which gathers a global cast from some of television’s most popular series andLet them spend a vacation at a beach house. HoweverTheir survival in the show is dependent on their performance in the party-themed challenges. The winner receives a handsome cash prize.

Interestingly, right from the very beginning of ‘All Star Shore’ season 1, James Tindale from ‘Geordie Shore’ and Blake Horstmann from ‘BachelorIn Paradise‘ were interested in Giannina Gibelli. WhileTheir rivalry threatened to end their friendship. Fans hoped that the reality stars would get together andTalk it out with your friends. HenceWith the cameras now turned off, we decided to jump in andFind out if James and BlakeThey are still friends.

James and Blake’s All Star Shore Journey

Before coming on to ‘All Star Shore,’ JamesHe was in a long-term relationship with his ex girlfriend. Kate Thorne. Interestingly, he even decided to let go of his position on ‘Geordie Shore,’ because the publicity was eating into his relationship. HoweverAs fate would have it the couple began to have issues. andBy 2019 James and KateTheir chapter was closed permanently. OnOn the other side, Blake pursued Becca Kufrin on season 14 of ‘The Bachelorette’ but ended the show as a runner-up. SinceSince then, he has been connected to many people, including Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. YetNone of these relationships worked. and Blake entered ‘All Star Shore’ as a single man.


InterestinglyBoth can be used from the very first day. Blake and JamesThey were very well taken up by Giannina. WhileThey both agreed that GianninaThey were so infatuated with her beauty that they insist she was their perfect match. ThusBoth tried to impress her as best they could. Surprisingly, GianninaIn the beginning, I lean more towards. James andHe even kissed him while in the hot tub. BakeUnfortunately, he was forced to witness the kiss, even though he was clearly jealous.

Are James Tindale and Blake Horstmann Still Friends? All Star Shore Update

NeverthelessFrom the looks of it GianninaSoon it was apparent JamesHer was not the only one. andInstead, I began to look for a connection with Blake. The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ star was overjoyed at the development andHe could not contain his excitement as the woman he wanted bared his soul to. TheirThe connection seemed to be very real. and interestingly, GianninaShe also thought so and BlakeThey shared a passionate kiss that marked the beginning of a relationship. HoweverIt is quite natural. JamesWas unhappy with the way things turned out. andSome believed he harbored a grudge against BlakeSince he took off with Giannina. Still, the ‘Geordie Shore’ star never did anything untoward, andThere was a chance their friendship would survive.

Are James Tindale and Blake Horstmann Still Friends?

WeWe are thrilled to report that James and BlakeThey were able to save their connection andThey are still good friends to this day. AlthoughThey were at odds during the show, with both of their pursuits. Giannina, JamesInsisted that he wanted a sit-down with Blake andFind out what each wanted. UponHearing the idea. Blake agreed, andThe stars decided to not let their romantic rivalry affect the intimacy of their relationship. OnThe outcome, on the other side, was always dependent upon. Giannina’s decision, andOnce she had made her decision, Blake, JamesRespected that andThey never interfered in their relationship.

Are James Tindale and Blake Horstmann Still Friends? All Star Shore Update

Once filming wrapped, James and BlakeThey settled back into their daily lives, but kept in touch via social media. The two often interact on each other’s posts, making the brotherly love they share pretty apparent. ThusEven though the stars had romantic rivalries on the show it didn’t affect their friendship. andWe wish them all the best for the future.

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