Are Jeff and Alex Still Together? The One That Got Away Update

By dredging up a group of singles’ past to help them find their future love, Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The One That Got Away’ is a reality dating series that breaks every bound of the ever-hot genre. That’s because it focuses on missed connections as well as second chances, includes an undeniably diverse cast in every sense of the word, andThe authentically emotional drama is enhanced by this. AmongstAll of this was possible because I am a travel blogger Jeffrey “Jeff” Perla’s unique bond with Alex Van Gurp — so now, if you wish to learn more about their past and their possible present, we’ve got you covered.

Jeff and Alex’s The One That Got Away Journey

TheMoment then-28-years-old JeffWhen he first appeared on our screens, he made it clear that he was open to exploring not only his options but also the sentiments of others in his quest for a true partner. He actually admitted he’d suppressed his sexuality for the first 21 years of his life owing to his religious upbringing in Syracuse, New YorkThis is why he had difficulty connecting with people on an emotional level. ThisOne aspect even came to light because of his connections with Anthony, Claude, and Micah, yet things shifted once “Jeff’s BestieWith Benefits” Alex came through “the portal.”

Jeff and AlexHad met on a dating app three years ago, and only then did they start going on dates and hooking up. and being “super intense for like three months,” but they never took a step beyond. The reason? The former soon asked if they could just be friends since the whole serious involvement notion was scary for him, leading to them becoming literal “besties” in the city. However, AlexIndirectly, I have not resisted showing my support. JeffSurprise him with a birthday getaway to show him how much he means. Parisor just taking care of him as needed.

“Alex and I are so close,” Jeff said to explain his hesitancy, “I think my biggest fear is that if we do cross that line and it gets too far, if he doesn’t come back, it’s like you’re losing your best friend because you took a risk and it failed.” OnThe flip side of the coin is however, Alex’s viewpoint was that they might end up in a position where they could have it all; friendship, feelings, andIntimacy, so he set every card on the desk. ItDid you take? JeffA little while, along with dates with not just AlexBut also MarkAlso available: TaylorHe tried to get used to the idea but eventually decided it was worth it.

Are Jeff and Alex Still Together?

FollowingMany poignant conversations, a cozy dinner at Jeff’s flat, andA little more confusion over whether he will take the leap of trust or not. Jeff and AlexThey walked out hand-in-hand. InHe looked at the world again once he was ready to go. AlexRight in the eyes and said, “I do want a relationship, andI want to be in love. But you’ve always been my best friend, and I’m scared to blur the lines between best friends andOur relationship. I don’t even know how to say it. Um, will you be my boyfriend?” Alex’s response was obviously a teary “of course” before JeffHe finally confessed his love and knew that his partner would always be there for him.

Are Jeff and Alex Still Together? The One That Got Away Update

Coming to their current standing, unfortunately, it’s extremely unclear precisely what Jeff and Alex’s relationship status is at the moment. TheyKeep hanging out with your friends as often as possible and still seem as close as ever, yet neither of their online presence yields any clue to indicate whether they’re romantically involved or just friends again. TheOne thing we do know is that the East HamptonResidents are content with their professional and personal lives right now. That is all that matters.

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