Are Josh Brubaker aka Bru and Anna Sitar Still Together? The Circle Update

FansThey were quite shocked when they discovered that Josh Brubaker, aka Bru, was a contestant on season 4 of ‘The Circle.’ ApartFrom being a radio star to becoming a household name BruHas managed to gain a significant fanbase online andTikTok currently has more than 4.1 million followers. MoreoverHis charm and quick wit are evident. andFans of the show were drawn to him quickly by his liveliness. AsWith the most recent reality stars Bru’s personal life has been under scrutiny ever since his appearance on the game show, andNow, viewers are curious to see if he is actually alive. andTikTok Stars Anna SitarThey are still together. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

How Did Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar Meet?

Although Bru and AnnaThe same home state as you MichiganThey met in MarchThey were both staying in the house until 2021. Los Angeles. Anna2019 was a big year for her TikTok videos that document her daily life. She received thousands of views. AtShe currently has more than eleven million followers on the platform where she primarily creates videos. andLifestyle videos to keep her fans informed at all times AfterIt didn’t take long to find each other. Bru and AnnaTo feel a spark andThey quickly realized that they complement one another exceptionally well.

Incidentally, AnnaShe had split with her ex-boyfriend, who was already a prominent TikTok star back then. Brandon HawkinsIn the early 2021. ReportsMention that AnnaWas open about her relationship with her ex-husband on social media andShe had shared details about her and Brandon’s life. Thus, when she got together BruThe couple decided to embrace privacy. andThey kept their relationship low for a few more months.

HoweverBy the summer 2021 Bru and AnnaThey have decided to share hints with their followers and often made brief appearances in each other’s social media posts. InterestinglyThis teasing led people to speculate on a lot of things, as they believed that the TikTok stars were actually dating. Nevertheless, Anna and BruThe rumors were not addressed. andLet things simmer for a few more months. UltimatelyIn DecemberThe couple made their relationship public via posts on TikTok in 2021 to the delight of their fans. On December 7, 2021, AnnaA picture compilation of their time together was posted on YouTube, confirming their relationship. BruThose who followed suit were also encouraged andEven claimed that he had told his parents about Anna.

Are Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar Still Together?

Yes! WeWe are thrilled to report that Bru and AnnaTogether andStill going strong at the moment. EvenThe two have frequently featured each other on their social networks profiles since they made their relationship public. andDon’t be afraid to confess your love to others in public. TheTikTok stars also love to take time from their busy lives to spend quality time with one another as their “spiritual” companions. InstagramProfiles are full of heartwarming stories about their couple days. WhileThe love andThey are respected and loved by their fans. Bru and Anna’s undeniable chemistry andThey are a joy to be around and admire each other’s dedication. ItIt is amazing to watch their relationship blossom with each passing moment. andWe hope that the couple stays happy for many more years.

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