Are Kelly and Drew Still Together? Why Did They Break Up? Bling Empire Update

‘Bling Empire‘ brings to the forefront the lives of several affluent Asian-AmericansThe Los Angeles area. FollowingWe get to see these people in their daily lives. We can also see how they balance professional and personal life. andPersonal commitments and maintaining a demanding social status. AdditionallyThe show is completely unscripted. It focuses heavily upon the interpersonal relationships among the stars, making it even more thrilling for the audience.

TheOn-again, off-again relationship between Kelly Mi Li and Andrew “Drew” GraySeason 1 was a pivotal point. AlthoughThey were all involved in several altercations. Kelly and DrewThey managed to find their way back together in the end. HoweverWith interest in their relationships at an all-time high we decided to find out if they are still together!

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s Bling Empire Journey

Although KellySelf-made entrepreneur and Drew a well-established actor known best for starring in ‘Power Rangers Megaforce,’ they met while moving around the same social circles in Los Angeles. TheThey fell in love immediately after their first meeting. andSoon, close friendship blossomed in to romance. InSeason 1 DrewHe mentioned that he still recalls the first time he sex with his girlfriend Kelly andHe wanted to live his whole life with her. FortunatelyHis wish was fulfilled. andThe two of them began a wonderful relationship to the delight and delight of their fans.

Are Kelly and Drew Still Together? Why Did They Break Up? Bling Empire Update

Although Kelly and DrewThey were deeply in love. Drew’s anger issues stood as an obstacle in their path. ThisProblem became apparent in the middle of season 1, DrewHe lost his temper when he was left alone in his hotel room. KellyI went shopping in ParisWith Anna Shay. Although Drew’s behavior was too much for KellyShe was too much to bear and decided to work with them on their relationship. andThe couple even attended therapy. Initially, DrewHe was determined to control his anger.

WhileOn the show DrewHe said that he was unaware that his childhood abandonment issues were causing him problems. and Kelly. HoweverThere were no signs of improvement between them. Finally, KellyDecided to seperate Drew andFollow her lead. FollowingTheir separation KellyShe began living her life on her own terms and even had sparkling chemistry with her ‘Bling Empire’ co-star and friend, Kevin Kreider. HoweverIt was impossible for her to get it. Drew’s thoughts out of her head andAt the end of season 1, she made her way back with him.

Why Did Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray Break Up?

Kelly and DrewAfter over 5 years of dating, they announced their separation via independent social media posts andSince then, they have remained apart from one another. OnThe show. KellyShe admitted that she was in a relationship with DrewAlthough it was toxic, the couple chose to embrace privacy when it comes to social media. MoreoverEven after the cameras stopped rolling on their relationship, it was still quite an emotional rollercoaster ride. People dug through it. Kelly and Drew’s respective social media profiles, looking for an update.

UltimatelyOn March9, 2021, both Kelly and DrewTaking to their respective InstagramProfiles to announce the end of their chapter together. AlthoughAlthough the reason for the breakup was not stated explicitly, it seemed mutual. andThey parted ways as best friends.

Moreover, in now-deleted InstagramPosts by the former couple talk about the wonderful memories they shared andThey still feel a lot of love, they said. andRespect for each other. AtPresent, both Kelly and DrewLive an independent life andThey are very successful in their individual fields. ItIt is amazing to see them find their happiness. andWe hope that they will achieve success in the years to follow.

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