Are Kelsey And Max Still Together 2022? Where Are Kelsey And Max Now? – News

Are Kelsey And Max Still Together 2022? Where Are Kelsey And Max Now? - News

How Did Kelsey And Max Meet?

TheIt is not yet clear how an attractive couple crossed paths. HoweverThe couple posted about their relationship on social media. StillWe all knew that MaxIt was on SiestaSeason 3. ThatThis is when the couple first met. HeIn episode 21. Later, MaxThe shoot of the was again completed. Season finale. ThatThis was when they began to date.

Are Kelsey And Max Still Together 2022?

Season4 SiestaKey is to be filmed Palm island. SoFans noticed the cast member at the shooting location Kelsey OwensHad brought her boyfriend Max StrongTake her along for a ride. Both Kelsey MaxTogether. TheIn summer 2020, the couple declared their love and have been strong in their relationship ever since.

Kelsey expressed her feeling by saying that words can’t emote how grateful she was for which he had come into her life. SheAlso, he was thanked for always being there for her in all of the turmoil and for accepting her for who she was.

Max’s LoveFor Kelsey

Max Strong for his part also shared an equally sentimental message expressing his love by saying, “I swear the best things in life happen when we least expect them. When your guard is down and you’re just being your true authentic self, that’s when you can attract exactly what you’re looking for without even trying. Safe to say I’ve found that with this girl right here”.

MaxHe continued to detail the incredible things they had done together.

He said that he didn’t care for what he had been doing as long as he was with her.

What Does Max Strong Do ForA Living?

Max StrongIs it a Wildlife ConservationistWho lives in Louisville, Kentucky. MaxA remarkable career. HeHe is a total animal lover and works at a sanctuary. MaxAccording to some reports, he quit his day job to take care the animals. HeA big heart and a kind-hearted person. HeHe takes care of the things that are most important to him. FromHis instagram allows you to see all kinds exotic animals such as big cats, crocodiles or snakes. 



Will Max Strong Be On Siesta Key?

AudienceYou already know that MaxIt was on Siesta Key. HeMade an appearance in episode 21 Season3. There was definitely a spark between them KelseyAt the time. ButThe couple had not yet confirmed their relationship at that time. Later, MaxThe season saw them again Finale. AtThat’s when you should be able to: Kelsey live- tweeted by saying, “Damn, who’s that hot guy next to me!?”

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