Are Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim Friends Now? Bling Empire Update

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire‘ offers a sneak peek into the lives of several wealthy Asian-AmericansWho lead a life of luxury and affluence andLuxurious in Los Angeles. TheThese individuals are featured on a reality TV show as they navigate a delicate line between their professional and personal lives. andPersonal commitments and expertly managing their high-profile social lives. BesidesThe show also features a lot of drama and romance, which adds to the entertainment factor.

Interestingly, Kevin KreiderAlthough he does not have the same privileges as the rest of cast, he became part of the group after being given the opportunity. Kelly Mi LiOn social media, he was discovered. Although KevinAlthough he was concerned he wouldn’t fit in to the billionaire lifestyle, he found a great friend in Kane LimHe was convinced to stay by his friend. Unfortunately, Kevin and KaneFans are left wondering if they are still friends after their fallout in season 2. Let’s find out, shall we?

Kevin and Kane’s Bling Empire Journey

AfterDiscovering KevinThrough his modeling videos, he uses social media to share the video. Kelly Mi LiIn fact, he was my first meeting. Los AngelesWhen he moved to Philadelphia. ThereShe introduced him to her friend. Kane Lim. As Kane and KevinBoth came from different backgrounds, and the latter believed he would not blend well with the wealthy LA dweller. Moreover, KevinI was also apprehensive about it Kane’s outfit andHe decided that this lifestyle was not right for him. HoweverOnce Kane and KevinThey started to talk and they found common ground andYou can immediately take it off.

Are Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim Friends Now? Bling Empire Update

Interestingly, KaneEven convinced PhiladelphiaNatives to appear Bling Empire. KevinLater, he noted that he was never made to feel awkward because he was less wealthy. ThroughoutSeason 1, season 1 fans witnessed Kevin and Kane’s connection deepen as they remained tight friends. Moreover, KaneStrongly supported KevinWhen the latter helped Kim LeeFind her estranged father. AtSeason 2’s start KaneThey were very excited about it Kevin’s move to Los Angeles. TheTwo friends were shown to have an amazing bond andIt appeared to be very close.

HoweverAfter that, things started to change. KevinTaking an interest in Kim Lee andAsk her out. Although KimAlthough she was initially reluctant to give in, she soon accepted. andTaken KevinAccept his proposal. NeverthelessHis friend KaneHe was very apprehensive about this connection, as he believed KevinHe is not serious about his relationships. ThusOnce he found it, he was happy. Kim alone, KaneShe was informed that KevinA few weeks prior to his first date with him, he had been in a relationship with another girl. Kim. As KimAlready having trust issues, this news made her feel uneasy. andShe confronted her boyfriend right away.

KevinHe revealed that he had only eyes for Kimsince he began to date her. HoweverHe was quite disappointed. Kane’s behavior andHe believed he tried to ruin his relationship with him Kim. TheAt a party, things got outof control, drama finally broke out. and KevinEven broken a glass in anger. OnOn the other hand, KaneHis stand was not changed andHe claimed that he was obliged to do the same thing he did to warn Kim.

Are Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim Still Friends?

ImmediatelyAfter the altercation, both parties were Kane and KevinThey distanced themselves from one another. andBoth parties did not apologize. Nevertheless, KimShe took on the responsibility andDesigned to bring both men together. OnceFace to face Kevin and KaneWhile it seemed unwilling to make amends, she eventually accepted the situation and hugged it out. andWe have decided to stay friends.

AtPresent, both Kevin and KanePrefer to keep their private lives secret and haven’t revealed much about their connection in public. HoweverIt seems like they have maintained their friendship, as evident by their interactions following the conclusion of the second series. BesidesThe reality TV stars have also achieved milestones in professional lives. andWe wish them all success in the future.

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