Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider Still Together? Bling Empire Update

‘Bling Empire‘ is an exciting reality TV show that revolves around wealthy Asian-AmericansLeading a high-profile social lifestyle in the Los Angeles area. AlthoughMaintaining such a lifestyle while still maintaining a healthy balance in their personal lives is possible. andIt is very difficult to fulfill professional commitments. and luxury. NaturallyWith so much wealth on TV, fans have always been curious to find out more about their favorite reality stars.

Although Kevin Kreideris shown to have a complex relationship with Kelly Mi LiFans noticed his instant chemistry during season 1. Kim LeeIn the season finale. InterestinglyThey were in a relationship for season 2 when their chemistry blossomed. But are they still together? Let’s find out, shall we?

Kevin and Kim’s Bling Empire Journey

WhileOn the show Kevin KreiderHe stated that he couldn’t stand. Kim Lee initially, as he thought she was a “spoilt brat” from MalibuDJ-ing was a spontaneous hobby for some people. BesidesTheir connection deteriorated further. KevinGetting into an argument with Kim over her behavior at Anna Shay’s party. HoweverHe quickly became a friend and supportive friend. andEven helped her find her father. ThusFans were very excited to see a tender moment between the two at the end of season 1. Kevin and KimIt seemed to hint at a budding romance.

Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider Still Together? Bling Empire Update

Interestingly, Kevin and Kim’s connection developed further at the beginning of season 2, when the latter suddenly kissed KevinOn the cheek, after learning that she was accepted into a residency program at the Wynn HotelIn Vegas. KevinThe kiss was interpreted as a connection. andHowever KimWhile she didn’t seem to be keen on starting a relationship at all, she did agree for a dinner date. Unfortunately, KimThe day of the date, they had cold feet. and KevinHe was shocked to find out that she had raised him.

HoweverWe are not willing to give up easily. KevinHe bared his soul to Kim andHe said that it had been a while since he felt like this for someone. MoreoverOnce KevinTaken KimA short trip to the coast andAfter spending some time with her, she seemed to be more convinced. andThe two of them decided to try dating. While KevinReceived advice from Christine ChiuHow to Keep It Going Kim happy, Kane LimThe developing relationship made her feel apprehensive. ConsideringIt is his duty as a friend. KaneThe DJ was asked how it was done. KevinHad been in a relationship with another girl for weeks before she asked me KimYou are invited to a date.

NaturallyThis sowed doubt seeds in Kim’s mind, andShe was immediately confronted KevinHe insisted that he had been loyal since the beginning of their relationship. HoweverOnce KevinThis is what we learned KaneHe was angry that he had not been able to relay the news. andThings got a little out of control. OnOn the other hand, KimThe altercation was extremely frightening for her, and she shared her fear on the show by mentioning that it reminded me of her previous relationship. Still, Kim and KevinWe managed to get it over like adults andThey decided to keep their love alive.

Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider Still Together?

Although Kim and Kevin decided to keep dating following the conclusion of the filming of season 2, they couldn’t manage to revive the lost trust in their relationship. As time passed, KimShe was aware of her waning faith andConfided in her partner ThusIn a desperate attempt to save their relationship they decided to take a lie detector exam. TheThat was the result of a polygraph KevinHe was honest about his feelings. YetWhen? KimShe took the test and revealed that she didn’t want to be with anyone. Kevin.

LaterShe explained her decision to us. andEven though the polygraph test was positive, it was still considered an affirmative statement. KevinShe was right, but she couldn’t trust him. ThereforeIt seems like Kim and KevinThey chose to go their separate ways andThey have since been broken up. WhileOn the show, the couple said that they would never let their friendship go. We hope that they are still friendly. HoweverWith KevinBeing involved in film production and Kim busy in her Wynn HotelThey appear to be independent, despite being residents. WeWe wish them both all the best for their future endeavours.


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