Are Kimbella Vanderhee and Juelz Santana Still Together? Love & Hip Hop Update

‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ is the first and original series from VH1’s wildly popular reality television franchise. ItThis unique, in-the moment look at the private sector offers an insight into the future andProfessional lives of well-known rappers Empire City andThe surrounding areas of Yonkers and New Jersey. TypicallyIt focuses on women who are trying to make it in the hip-hop industry. Since the show’s debut, its popularity andMany musicians have been successful and are now in the forefront. andThis has allowed them to make a career out of this demanding field.

OneThis rapper took the chance to become a star andJoined the show Juelz Santana. LaRon Louis James, AKA JuelzHe was only 12 years old when he began his career as a rapper. He made his first hit album in 2002 named ‘Come HomeWith Me’ with the song “Oh Boy,” which gave him his first Grammy nomination. WithThis is a rare career that is on the rise. Juelz’s personal life with model Kimbella VanderheeHis fans have always been fascinated by him. TheirA complicated relationship has caused viewers to wonder about their current relationship status. and if you’re curious to know the same, here’s what we know!

Kimbella and Juelz’s Love and Hip Hop: New York Journey

Kimbella and JuelzThey were in an on/off relationship since they began dating in 2009. TheyWe were both uncertain of the direction of our relationship. andThey kept it this way until they got pregnant. and KimbellaTheir first child was born. Juelz Santana JamesIn 2010. ThingsThey remained the same. and JuelzHe had made a few guest appearances until then. WhileHe remained in the supporting cast of season 2 KimbellaThe show was also attended by a number of other people.

TheirThe season was rockiest for relationships. KimbellaOn the show, she revealed that she was having an affair with Fabolous andEven got intimate with him. ThisThere were many scuffles between them. Kimbella andOther cast members, especially because Emily Bustamente, the long-term friend of FabolousAt that point, she was pregnant with their baby. KimbellaI had to deal avec several of Emily’s friends, andShe announced her decision to quit the show after season one, and also revealed that she was pregnant with another woman. Juelz’s second child. SheTheir daughter was born. Bella Monroe James2012,.

KimbellaIn seasons 3 and 4 he remained a guest member of the show. and5, while JuelzOnly season 5, as a guest member, TheFormer appeared only as Yandy Smith’s friend before joining the lead cast members in season 7. Season7 mostly saw some problems between Kimbella and Juelz while it was an important time for the latter to release his freestyle “Up In The Studio Gettin Blown.” Interestingly a dispute between Kimbella and YandyThe former was forced to leave the show andYou can only rejoin as a guest member during the next season.

Are Kimbella Vanderhee and Juelz Santana Still Together? Love & Hip Hop Update

Season9 saw Kimbella and JuelzJoin the show as a main cast member. Juelz’s legal issues took center stage. JuelzIt was alleged that he fled the country. Newark AirportAfter a loaded firearm andHis possessions contained opioid pills. AfterHe was on the run for three more days before he surrendered and was taken into custody TheSeason also saw JuelzProposing to KimbellaWhile you are out on bail andThe season finale saw the couple get married. It aired on September 27, 2008. March 2019.

Soon after, KimbellaTheir third child was also born. Santana James. SubsequentlyDuring season 10, she remained as the main cast. JuelzHis 27-month sentence was served in prison. andThey were shown how to communicate via phone calls throughout. NowIt remains to be seen how their relationship turned out. andAre they still together? Well, here’s what we know!

Are Kimbella Vanderhee and Juelz Santana Still Together?

Yes, Kimbella and JuelzThey are still together. TheGood news for fans: JuelzAfter just 17 months in prison, he was released. August 2020. AfterA wedding that is emotional andAfter more than a year of separation, the couple finally got together. andRestart your journey. AllTheir children are now adults, including Juelz’s first son, LaRon Jr., was born in 2003 to a previous relationship.

The couple was also part of the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion Edition,’ season 2. ApartThe whole family seems to be happy, enjoying vacations to different locations and celebrating every occasion together. andKeeping their careers alive. JuelzWhile he is busy with his music career, he performs at many events. KimbellaThe apparel brand is a frequent collaborator Fashion Nova andActs as an actress in music videos. ThusWe can say that the two are still strong together. andHappier than ever

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