Are Maura And Curtis Still Together? Why Did Maura And Curtis Break Up?

Love Island Curtis And Maura

CurtisHis five-week-old companion was dumped by him during his stay at the villa. Amy HartPartnered up with MauraThe pair finished fourth in finals just a few days after the initial match. MauraAnd CurtisThey seemed to be serious about each others, even though it took them a while to fall in love. MauraSend a statement Instagram StoriesThey announced their split, claiming that they had tried to make it work but it didn’t work out. MauraOn the other hand, he fell in love with her. Love Island bestie Chris TaylorAfter months of pretending that they were just friends, they finally admitted their relationship. InIn this article, you will find all the information you need. MauraAnd Curtis’ break up!

Are MauraAnd Curtis Still Together?

Curtis?, 24 met Maura, 30, in 2019, while competing on ITV Love Island. CurtisHad broken up with Amy Hartat the villa, sparks ignited between them. CurtisAnd MauraFourth place in the competition, just ahead of eventual champions Amber GillAnd Greg O’Shea. TheseAfter returning to each other, two seemed to be strengthening their bond. England together. HoweverThings took a bad turn in 2020, when the government announced that it would be closing its offices. CurtisHe was accused of cheating, which he categorically denied.

Why Did Maura And Curtis Break Up?

When MauraContested Dancing On IceIn JanuaryFrom last year, and CurtisThey stopped cheering her on in the crowd, and rumors spread that they had split up. LaterIn an InstagramStatement to her fans in March 2020, MauraThey announced their split.

She wrote at the time: “CurtisI have decided to part ways with you. “WeWe had a wonderful time at the villa and would like to thank everyone who supported us.

“ThereIt is not easy to get through a breakup. We tried to make it work but it wasn’t to be, and I wish Curtis nothing but the best for the future.”

MauraLater, she revealed that she had stopped seeing her ex-husband as a man she loved. Curtisas her future husband.

She”I just felt like” I’m29 and I want someone I can look forward to a future with. I’mYou don’t have to get any older. 

“CurtisI saw them barely together. AtIt was very difficult at the beginning because I was so infatuated with him. We never got to see one another.”

“I wasn’t ready for everyone to know we had split up — I wanted some time. It was a shock to see that she had announced it on social media hours later.” “AtThe beginning of MarchWe all agreed to do our own thing.” CurtisAfter initially remaining silent about the breakup of the couple, she said it later. ItIt was exhausting.

WhoIs Maura Higgins Dating Now?

MauraBorn on 31 January 1981, he is now 31 years old. November 25, 1990. Maura HigginsA former grid girl and model who rose to fame after being a participant on Love Island’sFifth series in 2019. MauraHowever, it has yet to publicly confirm any information. June2022. Rumours circulated claiming that she was in a relationship with a professional footballer. Connor Wickham. ConnorCurrently plays for Milton Keynes DonsIn the EFL League One, and has previously represented Ipswich Town, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United, Crystal Palace, Preston North End. AccordingAccording to rumors MauraAnd ConnorThey met through a friend and they went on a vacation together. ParisTogether in May.

WhoIs Curtis Pritchard Dating Now?

On February 7, 1996, The DancerIn Cheshire. He joined as a  professional ballroom and LatinChoreographer and dancer in DancingWith the Stars Ireland dancers’ team. Emily BarkerHis long-time partner in dance has been CurtisAfter leaving the villa, he stated that he was interested in dating men in future. However, Curtis Pritchard, a former Dancing With The StarsPro, has been linked with his panto costar Sophie SheridanAccording to reports,

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