Are Max and Yasmine Still Together? Lovestruck High Update

AsIts name is Prime Video’s ‘Lovestruck High‘ takes a bunch of eligible singles from the United Kingdom andPut them directly into an American High SchoolSetting up, complete with a homeroom teacher and a principal. andSports coach. WhileParticipating in classes and going about a high-schooler’s daily routine, the contestants are tasked with finding a partner for the end-of-year prom. HoweverHowever, not everyone will have the opportunity to attend the prom. and only one’s actions can decide if they are to be expelled next.

Max O’DwyerWhen he first saw the meaning of love, he understood it immediately. Yasmine Rabeea in season 1 of ‘Lovestruck High.’ The 23-year-old BrentwoodThe -based personal coach seemed completely infatuated with Yasmine25-year-old Veronica, who is a model. London. SurprisinglyThe 25-year-old appeared to reciprocate Max’s feelings, andThey even attended the first homecoming dance together. NeverthelessFans want to know if the couple is still together, even though cameras are now turned off. Let’s find out, shall we?

Max and Yasmine’s Lovestruck High Journey

Interestingly, MaxThey were interested in YasmineRight from the beginning, when the contestants were introduced to one another. MoreoverUnlike most others, they chose to keep all options open. MaxWas very fixated on chasing Yasmine andEven told Geoff how the model’s personality andHe wanted the exact characteristics he desired. HoweverThe homecoming dance was just around the corner. andThe contestants had limited time to find the perfect partner. Thus, MaxHe decided to gather his courage andTalk to YasmineIn order to get to understand her better.

SurprisinglyTheir first meeting took place at a library. and MaxHe stated that he was not a regular visitor to such an establishment but needed to make an appearance because of. Yasmine. NeverthelessTheir meeting went very well. andThe two seemed to have a lot of things in common. Besides, Max even asked Yasmineto go to the homecoming dance along with him. andShe happily accepted. LaterShe even declined a request to dance with HussShe had already said yes Max.

Are Max and Yasmine Still Together? Lovestruck High Update

WhileTalking about Max, YasmineMentioned that he is her type. andHe is very cute to her. MoreoverShe also shared how the two of them get all gooey. andLovey-dovey when you talk to one another. AlthoughWhile some may find such a relationship to be unsettling, others might find it grating. LondonA model from – explained how she found the feeling to feel quite adorable and refreshing.

WhileAt the homecoming dance Max and YasmineWe snuggled up to one another. andTheir amazing chemistry was evident. TheyIt was also one of the few genuine couples that didn’t have an eye on anyone else. Although YasmineThe couple fell in love and she said that she never kissed on their first date. andWe ended up sharing a passionate, intimate kiss. MoreoverThe relationship flourished even more in the next episodes. andFans speculated that they might even make it all the time.

Are Max O’Dwyer and Yasmine Rabeea Still Together?

UnfortunatelySince filming was completed, Max and YasmineThey prefer to keep their private lives private and haven’t revealed much. BothFollow each other on social media andThey have maintained a friendly relationship to the rest of their castmates. YetThey have never interacted in public with one another.

These days, MaxHe seems to be very busy as a personal coach, YasmineEnjoying life in the French capital. ThusAlthough we would love to be proved wrong, it seems like Max and YasmineCould not make their love work andThey now live independent lives.

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