Are Mimi and Don Morris Still Married? Bling Empire Update

After more than a year of excruciating silence, ‘Bling Empire’ has finally returned to our screens with its sophomore installment; and this time, it’s bigger, better, andThis cat is now more beautiful than ever. AfterAll, it gives us a glimpse into the lives and times of the affluent Asian AmericansBased around Los AngelesThey go all out with extravagant accessories and party-goers. AmongstThey are a married couple Mini and Don Morris, who genuinely won our hearts by being as quirky as they are rich — so now, let’s find out the details of their current standing, shall we?

Mimi and Don’s Bling Empire Journey

While we don’t know much about Mimi and Don’s first encounter, let alone how/when they chose to begin their romantic involvement, we do know that things weren’t always as bright for the former. NotOnly then did she have to flee from her home country. VietnamAs a child, she was affected by war. However, in the USA, she had to confront the stigma of being a single, working mother of two, divorced, and single mother in her 30s. However, that’s when DonShe was 22 years older than her, and suddenly, a highly successful entrepreneur, stepped in to change her whole world. andIt was all for the best.

Are Mimi and Don Morris Still Married? Bling Empire Update

DespiteTheir chemistry, understanding andEach day brings more affection. Mimi didn’t want to tie the knot with DonIt had nothing to do their backgrounds or age. “I think most people thought I was pushing Donto marry me but no, I [wasn’t]… I was already divorced once, so I [didn’t]You don’t want to make the same mistake again. DonIt was what I wanted. He was pushing me, ‘Can you marry me?’ every day. So, he finally convinced me to say yes,” andAfter nearly a decade of being together, they made a promise to each other in the early years. July 2011.

Since then, the couple has managed to achieve the highest of highs (while also being aware of the lowest of lows) because they’ve had their partner as their rock every step of the way. Mimi and DonThey welcomed their only child SkylerIn September2013; Built a home for their family. Mimi’s brood from her previous union, in Newport Beach; andThey will often compromise for the sake of their love. If we’re being honest, though, it’s usually DonHe is a fold-up, as he eats healthy and agreeing to sit on the toilet at his wife’s behest.

Are Mimi and Don Still Married?

Of course! Mimi and Don MorrisThey are happily married to this very day. Their bond is stronger than ever, especially since the latter does his best to show his care. Since she is admittedly the most important person in his life, it honestly appears as if he follows the “happy wife, happy life” mantra with his whole heart — he understands that most of her nags are for his well-being. YetWe think the best thing about their relationship is that they undoubtedly support one another in all things, be it in business ventures or philanthropy.

Don isn’t active on social media at the moment, but MimiThey don’t hesitate in sharing their love and experiences when the opportunity arises. From Valentine’s DayTo send birthday wishes andShe proudly shares a post about every special occasion, from family vacations to anniversary celebrations. andIt’s not a special occasion. “OurLove is like a river that flows to the other side. Ocean, and it becomes infinity,” Mimi once penned for her husband, whom she has referred to as “My world,” “My everything,” and “My KingKong,” amongst much more over the years.

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