Are Noel Allen and Jazmin Potts Still Together? Cosmic Love Update

Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love‘ brings a fresh new twist to the tried andTested formula for dating reality shows using astrology as a guide to their true love. TheThe show is centered around four people or elements who are on an adventure to find the perfect partner out of a group 16 eligible singles. However, herein lies the catch as the “Astro Chamber” guides the elements on their journey by advising them andEven revealing their perfect matches. HoweverSince the elements can create connections as they wish, it remains to be seen if astrology will help them achieve their goal.

Interestingly, Noel Allen, who represented the water element in ‘Cosmic Love’ season 1, revealed that a serious relationship had eluded him for almost three years. BesidesHe even claimed that he was prone to casual flirting which inevitably ruined his chances of committing. HoweverOnce NoelI came across Jazmin Potts, he couldn’t help but gravitate toward her, andFans speculated that it was the beginning of a promising relationship. NeverthelessWith our cameras now off, we decided to jump in andFind out if Noel and JazminThey are still together.

Noel and Jazmin P’s Cosmic Love Journey

WhileThe show will be broadcast live. NoelHe admitted that he was unfaithful in previous relationships andEven cheated with the one girl he was passionate about. NaturallyThe infidelity cost him his chance at the relationship, but he still managed to get the girl he wanted. TampaA 30-year-old personal coach from the -based area was ready to move past his past andFind someone to settle down. InterestinglyImmediately after entering the retreat, NoelChoose Adrianna Raphaelafor their first date, but soon realized they had almost nothing in Common. Moreover, the “Astro Chamber” soon matched AdriannaWith ConnorForcing NoelTo look at other options. Incidentally, the “Astro Chamber” also revealed JazminP. to be Noel’s first perfect match, andThe following: TampaResidents started on the right foot. SurprisinglyIt didn’t take long to do it. Noel and JazminP. to be comfortable with each other andThey began to dream of the future together.

EvenHowever NoelLooked very invested in Jazmin P, the “Astro Chamber” kept doing its job andHe also revealed his other perfect matches: Theresa Vongkhamchanh, Jasmine Rodulfo, and Morgan Raphael. AlthoughThe TampaPersonal trainers based in London never expressed an interest in romantic connections. Jasmine R. and MorganHe did, however, appear to be quite into Theresa. HoweverBecause there were no restrictions on the number of contestants who could date each other, TheresaSoon she was gravitating toward Darren Hopes andThe line was drawn at other connections. Nevertheless, NoelHis other matches didn’t seem to be of much importance to him since he was a player. and JazminP. was already dreaming of a better tomorrow. InIn fact, he even proposed to her when he felt it was right. and the pair were warmly accepted by each other’s loved ones before ending the season by getting married in a beautiful ceremony.

Are Noel Allen and Jazmin Potts Still Together?

UnfortunatelyBoth Noel and JazmineThey are very protective of their privacy. and haven’t revealed much about their current relationship status. HoweverUnless we are very wrong, current developments suggest that the two are still connected. InterestinglyIt is neither. Jazminnor NoelThey feature each other on social media accounts. andIt is very rare to see the two of them interact in public.

StillThey do, however, follow each other online. andThat, combined with the commitment they displayed on the show, and no reports about a possible split, makes us believe they are still happy together. HoweverTheir current location is not known. JazminIt still appears to be based in OrlandoShe works as a hairdresser in the city of Toronto. NoelIs still working as a personal coach out of Tampa.

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