Are Sidian and Tosha Jones Still Together? Seeking Sister Wife Update

MaintainingIt is not easy to have a peaceful relationship. AddYou can add a third party to your mix. andDrama is bound to occur. However, the couples in ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ are determined to bring a sister wife into their family. FromFind a partner who is willing to date you andThe whole situation can be a source of entertainment by making sure all parties are comfortable. ThanksTo the Reality SeriesHome viewers can watch real-life couples invite another woman into the relationship for different reasons.

SomeThe antics of the couples featured on the show have earned them immense fame. andLike struggles Sidian and Tosha Jones. The duo’s journey on the unique dating series has generated a lot of attention towards their personal life. ManyFans are curious about their current status given recent troubles. Are Sidian and ToshaAre they still together or have they separated? Well, here’s all you need to know about the same!

Sidian and Tosha Jones’ Seeking Sister Wife Journey

Sidian and Tosha Jones became a part of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ in the third season. AccordingThey met while they were still together. Sidianwas with another woman and Toshawurde incorporated into Sidian’s ongoing relationship as a second wife. Sidian shared that his wife at the time – though they were not legally married – was not happy with the polygamous lifestyle andHer husband was killed.

However, Sidian’s “first wife,” Jennie DschaakThe 2021 launch of the, which stated that there might be more to this story. AccordingTo JennieShe had not agreed to be part of the polyamorous relationships. Apparently, Sidian and ToshaThey were dating without each other. Jennie’s consent. While JennieAlthough she was willing and able to tolerate some cheating, she couldn’t deal with it when it was happening. ToshaMoved in the same house with hers andLeft Sidian. ToshaIt has been stated that Jennie’s claims are false. GivenMany people are confused about which side to believe because of the conflicting stories.

After Sidian’s wife left him, he and ToshaThey settled down together andThey worked together on their relationship. HoweverThey soon realized they needed to find a sister for their children. TheyIt was hoped that you would meet someone in a public space andYou can form a bond, but you must be careful. CovidTheir plans were thwarted by the -19 pandemic. NeverthelessThe duo was able to forge ahead andYou have started to look online for a potential partner. Their appearance on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ documents their search for the same after 4 years of their relationship.

Are Sidian and Tosha Jones Still Together? Seeking Sister Wife Update

InThe reality series’ third season is now available. SidianI met a woman called Alexandra online. ThoughThey seemed to be inseparable AlexandraI was not ready to settle down so quickly. AnotherSeveral reasons why Alexandra’s refusal was her reluctance to be a parent to Sidian’s three children from his first marriage. Sidian and ToshaContinued their search andThey have widened their horizons to search for a sister partner in the USA.

Sidian and Tosha’s efforts yielded results when they met a Filipino woman named Arielle Jazmine Roque, and it’s easy to see why the JonesesThey were attracted to the Arielle. TheA number of pageant competitions have included potential sister wives andIn third place Reynang Aliwan 2017 and Miss Philippines Earth 2020. SheAlso, second place was won in MissFIT Philippines 2020.

Are Sidian and Tosha Jones Still Together? Seeking Sister Wife Update
SidianWith Arielle

ApartFrom the pageantry ArielleAlso, Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology andIs the HRDO of Dreametry Creative Design Studio. ToshaPreviously worked in the same company. andThat could be how they met. However, as the fourth season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ progressed, it seemed that not all was well between the three. ToshaShe seemed insecure about her marriage position andShe felt she wasn’t as beautiful as she should have been. Arielle. ItIt might not have helped. SidianThe only one who traveled to the PhilippinesTo meet Arielle. GivenThe complicated situation has many viewers curious if the strain has been broken. Sidian and Tosha apart.

Are Sidian and Tosha Jones Still Together?

Yes, Sidian and ToshaThey are still together. Despite their recent troubles, the two seem happy in each other’s company. TheCouple often share photos of themselves andThe children had a great time. TheyThey also encourage one another through their posts and messages. TheA family recently moved into a new house in Beaverton, Oregon, andIt has settled well. ItIt seems that their love for one another has not diminished in any way. ThoughThe couple is not legally married. andThey are not afraid to use marital terms. WeYou can have both andThey wish their family the best for the future andWe hope they find what we are looking for.

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