Are Sunny and Carl From Snowflake Mountain Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountain‘ is quite a thrilling survival reality show as it takes a group of wealthy and spoilt young adults andTransports them to a survival camp located in the middle of nowhere. InterestinglyParents send their children to the camp because they are fed up with the kids’ spoilt behavior. HoweverInitialy, 20-somethings didn’t realize the reality. and believe they are about to take part in a  luxurious reality show. HoweverOnce they realize the truth, there is no escape. However, the one who makes the most progress is awarded a huge cash prize.

Sunny Malik and Carl LariviereA close friendship was formed right from the beginning of the show. Interestingly, they have pretty contradicting personalities,  but their connection survived all odds, making fans question if they are still friends. Let’s find out, shall we?

Sunny Malik and Carl Lariviere’s Snowflake Mountain Journey

Sunny and Carl with quite different in their approach to ‘Snowflake Mountain.’ While CarlAll challenges were met with success andHe was an athlete who pushed himself to the top of his class. SunnyFocused on the whole group andIt was more about lifting up others than rooting for oneself. HoweverWith time, Sunny’s team spirit andIt’s a way to show your enthusiasm Carl, andTogether they formed a very powerful team.

InterestinglyWhen? Carl and SunnyFans noticed similarities between the two of them, including how they both had a bright future. andThey were once brilliant students. HoweverWhile CarlHe got lost in extravagant parties, and he fell behind in his studies. andIt was an abrupt decision to leave school. SunnyChoose an easy subject for college andUnfortunately, he lost his grip on life. HoweverBoth seemed very determined to get their lives back on track. andThey were keen to take full advantage of the opportunity that was presented to them.

Are Sunny and Carl From Snowflake Mountain Still Friends?

AsAs the season progressed viewers witnessed how many contestants reached breaking point. andHe decided to go home without fighting. However, Carl and SunnyWe refused to look back andContinued with a determined determination. Moreover, they were each other’s most significant support, andIt was refreshing to witness the development of such a friendship. UltimatelyBoth contestants completed the final mountain climbing challenge. Carl began raging midway andHe ended up dislocating his right arm and knee. OnOn the other hand, SunnyThe challenge was tough but we persevered andThe season ended as the runner up.

Are Sunny Malik and Carl Lariviere Still Friends?

Once filming wrapped, SunnyHe took control over his life andMoved into an apartment on his own. HeEven created a podcast and a documentary. andHe has been vocal on social media activism. OnOn the other hand, CarlI was committed to the grind for better life andAs a model, he has worked with many high-profile brands.

Sunny and Carl’s outstanding connection on the show made people believe it would last the test of time, andWe are happy to report that reality stars are still friends. Although Carlis currently based out of Los AngelesWhile SunnyIt is located in PennsylvaniaThey kept in touch through social media andOften, they interact in public with one another. MoreoverFriends are affectionate towards each others as well. Sunnygave Carl the nickname “Big Carlito.”

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