Are Thais and Patrick Mendes’ Brother Friends? 90 Day Fiance Update

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ has managed to garner a significant fanbase over nine seasons by offering its viewers a peek into the workings of a cross-border relationship. In fact, the show’s popularity even paved the way for several successful spin-offs under the same franchaise. ’90 Day Fiance’ revolves around the lives of US CitizensEngaged to Foreign Nationals andThis shows how foreign partners arrive at the United StatesK-1 visa. InterestinglyA K-1 visa allows the holder to marry within the country. 90Days or risk deportation WithLifestyle and habits can have significant differences. andCulture. Three months is often not enough to help couples resolve their problems. StillYou will be required to follow a strict schedule andIt is fascinating to see how couples try to make it work when there is love.

Patrick Mendes andHis Brazilian fiancee, Thais, seemed quite a promising couple when first introduced on season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance.’ HoweverOnce ThaisThen, he went to the United StatesShe realized that she had to learn to live with her husband. Patrick andHis brother, John, in the same home. UnfortunatelyThis arrangement did not go down well with the Brazilian national, andShe appeared to have quite a few disagreements with. John. NeverthelessWith our cameras now switched off, we decided that we would investigate. andFind out if John and ThaisAre you now friends?

John and Thais’ 90 Day Fiance Journey

Interestingly, Patrick was on a trip visiting his father’s family in BrazilWhen he met ThaisThrough a dating app. EnamoredFrom their first meeting, the US citizen never stopped going back to BrazilIn order to win, Thais andSend her gifts. Impressed andShe was overwhelmed by the attention she received. ThaisAlso, it began to fall for Patrick andOnce he proposed, he was only too happy for her to accept it.

Are Thais and Patrick Mendes' Brother Friends? 90 Day Fiance Update

OnOn the other side, the show made it abundantly obvious that Patrick’s brother, John, has a significant influence Patrick’s life. ApartLiving in the same house is a great way to save money. and being roommates, JohnHis brother appeared to be very protective andI was anxious about Patrick’s relationship with Thais. Interestingly, ThaisIt was very cold JohnEven though she had only met him via video, he was still a great friend. andInsisted that he wouldn’t have parties after she moved into her home. JohnInitial thoughts were that she was making a joke of her statement, but she soon realized that it was serious. MoreoverHe also discovered that ThaisHad installed a GPS tracking application on Patrick’s phone to keep 24×7 surveillance on his whereabouts. Such behavior alarmed Joh, andHe immediately asked Patrickto carefully consider his decision. BesidesOnce JohnIt was realized PatrickHe could not be persuaded, and even asked him for neutral opinions, but in vain.

Once ThaisFinally, we landed in the United StatesShe was quite disappointed to have to share her. and Patrick’s apartment with John. PatrickHe tried to help them get to know each other, but it was not enough. John’s lifestyle andHabits did not go well with them Thais andThis led to a huge altercation between them. Unfortunately, PatrickWas caught in the middle andHe tried his best to save his relationship.

Do John and Thais Get Along?

UnfortunatelySince filming ended, he has been a part of the crew. Thaisremained very private about her private life. OnOn the other hand, JohnHe also kept his private life secret and hasn’t provided an update about this relationship with Thais. MoreoverThey also don’t interact on social media. Nevertheless, Patrick and ThaisThey are very happy together andThey appear to have overcome their initial difficulties. ThusWith ThaisWe can assume that they are still part of the family. Johnmust maintain a cordial relationship. StillOnly time will tell if the relationship will improve in coming years.

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